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TOXEMIA records launch!

By admin, 2008-12-14
TOXEMIA records launch!

TOXEMIA Statement -

TOXEMIA records consists of like minded producers and Dj's.
We share the common interest of ragga jungle, and hard core
stylings. Our mission is to supply selectors with
hard hitting tunes that crowds go mad for and provide
ammunition for Dj's in soundclash settings.


Members include but not limited to:

Vinyl Fatigue


Tox Cat.#001

--TOXEMIA - 1st Release--

Abio-Genesis - Poison The Living - side a

Abio-Genesis - Champion Sound - side b


Tox Cat.#002

--TOXEMIA - 2nd Release--

Vinyl Fatigue - My Sound Can't Be Touched - side a

Vinyl Fatigue - Jaded Love - side b




JohnBrown - Austin, Texas

Sheriff JohnBrown is a producer, Dj, disciple and cowboy in the west.
Best known for the use of roots dub, dancehall and raggajungle to
spread the message of Jah to big and small. JB is conscious selector
with enough heavy weight tune to make the tuffest soundboys jump
up and clap. "While I love bringing the right message through jungle
I will never be afraid to dash out an idiot sound." - JohnBrown


DMS - DJ / Producer

By admin, 2008-12-30
DMS - DJ / Producer

DMS - DJ / Producer
Started out back in '89 as a member of The Brothers Grimm who were signed to Chrysalis, Polydor & Tam Tam Records with their remakes of Casanova and Disco Nights, the latter reaching Top 50 in the national charts.

His first DJ booking, during the same year, was for Paul Oakenfold at a London club night called 'Land Of Oz' during the Acid House era.

1990 saw a string of releases through Production House records, his first being 'A Brand New World'. This was soon followed by tracks including 'Love Overdose', 'Exterminate', 'Vengeance' - which reached No. 2 in the UK Dance Charts, 'S.O.S.', 'Life is a circle' and DJ Solo - 'Darkage'. He also did various remixes for artists including Baby D / Acen / O.P Project / Lucida.

Over the following years DMS was kept busy on the DJ circuit, playing for legendary events such as 'Orange' @ Rocket/Camden Palace/Astoria, 'Fusion' @ Marquee, 'Vivid' @ Paradise, to name a few. His overseas bookings included Iceland, Germany, Malta, Portugal and Spain.

In 1995 he released Jungle anthem 'Sweet Vibrations' on his own label FX Recordings. This was followed in '96 by the Speed Garage classic "Trapped Again" on another of his own labels: Oxygen Records.

After a break from the scene he is now DJing internationally, and is also back in the studio... so watch this space!!

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Welcome to Junglist Download

By admin, 2008-10-04

About this site.....

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Please let us know if you have any problems using our site.

We would really appreciate your feedback.

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Save the children In kenya

By admin, 2008-10-08
Save the children In kenya


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Haiti emergency appeal
We're helping children in Haiti where four recent tropical storms have affected more than 250,000 people. Support our work in Haiti.

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Welcome to Jamroom

By admin, 2016-03-12

Thank you for installing Jamroom!

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- The Jamroom Team
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