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Note to new artists no free loaders

By: admin
Posted in: Admin Blog
Note to new artists no free loaders

Please note no free loaders :
We have recently have an increased ammount of artist sign ups who have not even uploaded one song,photo or biog. stealing limelight from our bonified artists. and making our site very confusing for our listners wanting to buy and listen to our music. lets face it,Its a pain in the **** to go to an artists page to find no music there so what good does that really do?

Artist accounts are for Dedicated artists only looking for a place to sell/Showcase thier music.
If you create an artist account and do not upload any songs within 7 days your account will be changed to a non artist member account

it is unfair to the artists that are taking the time out to upload thier songs and photos for someone to be profiled without contributing music to this site period..

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