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  DMS - DJ / ProducerStarted out back in '89 as a member of The Brothers Grimm who were signed to Chrysalis, Polydor & Tam Tam Records with their remakes of Casanova and Disco Nights, the latter reaching Top 50...


  DJ NIEL S Behold.DJ Neil SThis guy steps into the JD FAM With 2 hot dubplates,I will be spinning these two at my next event.         i've been into drum and bass since 1993 i started djing around 1994/5 and...


Bat Beat Recordings COMES TO JD with thier first Hardcore Breaks Release by Renegade Genius RenegadeGenius - Amen Attack (Part 1) Look out for this release in our MP3 Store  Location: United KingdomSigned...


Hi peeps , This is our Free To artists Sample Pack Page just to say thanks for your support. note: this page is free stricty to jd signed artists , sharing these links could result in an instant ban. instead of...


Jd: What have you been up to?   I have been working on tons of new material for this website.     Jd: Have you been doing any recent gigs?   Yes I have been playing all over the world recently, the Old skool vibe...


  kosine ( mark )   Is a guy who gets it right in every beat that he Reveals, I love the sound of this guys drums, I can hear a really phat mix in all the singles that I have heard so far, And guess what, There all...


  New Label and Artist Signup To this site DR GENIUS - Label Darklight Recordings! Debut release Jungle Soup Make no mistake DR GENIUS aka "GadManDubs" is a really talented producer and is about to wound the...


Lots of music reviews coming Soon


After hooking up with the amentalist Movement in norwich,I was Educated into the existance of using the Nintendo WII Remotes as a midi controller. Check out this cool Video.  


Hi members This is our fun and games area,Enjoy!              SONIC                                  Tetris                              MINI GOLF                           KICK OFF     


EZ Sniper... Lionhearted.aka Ian D. hails from New London, Connecticut, USAand has been playing various styles of jungle music for well over thelast decade. We catch up  with him for this exclusive interview.   EZ...
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