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It has incredible safety features

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Paper cutters offer a fast way to trim alot of paper at once, which makes them very convenient. The electricones are especially handy because they can offer automatic operation.One such device is the Standard PC-P43 Electric Paper Cutter. This is afantastic product that's great for a wide variety of environmentsincluding offices, print shops, schools, and more. Here are five reasons why you should check it out. It has a terrific cutting length. Thisdevice has a maximum cutting length of 17 inches. This makes it perfectfor cutting paper that's tabloid size (11" x 17") and smaller, sincethe smallest cut it can do is 2 inches. It can cut a stack of sheetsthat's up to 1 inch thick. That's about 250 sheets at a time or, if youwant to look at it another way, half a ream. It has incredible safety features.Ultrasonic Car RodentRepeller

ThePC-P43 is one of the safest paper cutters you can use. It will onlyoperate when the two cutting buttons are pressed and the safety coveris in place. This virtually eliminates the risk of injury, making thisdevice much safer to use than most other stack cutters. This machinecan also be protected from unauthorized use thanks to the inclusion ofa safety power key feature. Authorized users can be given keys tooperate the device while others will be locked out. It is on the small size.This is a relatively small machine given its generous cutting length.It measures a mere 26.6" (width) x 23.7" (depth) x 14.8" (height).However, it does weigh a lot (almost 150 pounds), so make sure thesurface you place it on can handle the weight. (Also, be careful whenmoving it around so you don't hurt yourself.) It is easy to maintain.You will never have to guess as to when this device's blade needs to bereplaced because your cutting cycles are tallied on a digital counter.This will help you decide if and when it's time for a replacementblade.mosquito killer lamp Manufacturers

And it is easy to use. The PC-P43 has anumber of features that make it very easy to use. For one thing, it hasan illuminated cutting line so you'll know where you need to positionyour sheets for the right cut. There's also a clamp that will movealong your stack while cutting so the end results will be perfect. Theposition of the backgauge can be easily adjusted by rotating a dial andcertain sizes of paper can be trimmed by utilizing the backgauge freemechanism. You don't even need to move the backgauge because you canjust use a lever that helps you push the sheets so they'll exit themachine. Overall, the Standard PC-P43 is one of the best electric paper cutterscurrently available. It can trim a lot of different sizes of paper,it's safe and easy to use, and it won't take up very much room. Forthose big cutting jobs, use the PC-P43. It will make your job mucheasier.

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