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Rewind Selecta Bwoy

Rewind Selecta Bwoy

album: Champa B Riddims

genre: Jungle

streams: 142

audio file: mp3, 15.3MB, 00:06:41

About champa_b
Champa B

Champa B has played drums in metal bands for years and got into drum n bass in art college but grew bored of the "formulated" drum paterns, and began to dig a little deeper into the underground scene and found breakcore and jungle through that, But felt he never heard enough played so he got some decks in early 2007, and began rinsing nothing but proper oldschool jungle.
In march 2008 Champa B decided to get into production and put his slant on the oldschool sound.
He is now a member of the Amen Assassins crew, Meganeural Records, and Toxemia Records.
Remarc, Bizzy b, Asend, Dj Crystl, Dextrous, Dj Hype