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Broncos Country!What Halloween party, you say?

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Good morning http://www.broncoscheapauthenticstore.com/ronald-leary-jersey-cheap ,Exactly, says Emmanuel Sanders and Chris Harris Jr.There’s a game to play on Sunday and the two vets know where their minds need to be.On football.Make that on really good football by the visiting team.“I’m done talking about the party,” said Chris Harris Jr. “I’ve been focusing on the Chiefs since Friday...If you [didn’t] study all weekend and get a jump on these boys, then you’re not trying to win.”If Von Miller used his “we’re going to kick their asses” comment to the media last week as a subtle message to his teammates, perhaps Harris Jr. had the same idea in mind with his comments.“I’ve been studying and focusing on them the whole time. This is a big game—this is a season changing game,” he said. “If you’re not focusing on that, all of this other bull-crap that’s going, you’re missing the big point of this game. This is a big game to change our season and get us back rolling.”Sanders and several other teammates took it to heart.“It is,” Sanders said about Sunday being a “season-changing” game. “Think about it - go to Arrowhead, beat these guys—a team that’s at the top of our division right now—coming off a big-time game in Arizona. This is a game where we sit back and say, ‘OK, was Arizona a fluke or are we really good?’ That’s what I’m looking forward to seeing.”Aren’t we all - and that’s going to mean stopping Patrick Mahomes but also scoring a lot of points.On that second point, Sanders is all in.“For sure. ...Offensively, we’ve definitely got to go and put up points,” he said. “That’s the goal.”With the Patriots being the only team to defeat the Chiefs so far - and needing 40 points to do it - the Broncos’ offense knows it can’t waste opportunities.Hopefully Case Keenum doesn’t just understand this but is capable of orchestrating it too.“We have to put up enough. Put up more than they do,” Keenum said, pulling out the oldest clich茅 in the book (besides that one!) “For us offensively, we’re trying to score every time we get the ball. I think if we do that, I think we’re going to come away happy.”But even Sanders and Keenum admit the Broncos defense is going to need to help them out when trying to “put up more points” than the most prolific quarterback in the NFL this season and a likely NFL MVP.“Obviously, they’re a great offense, but I have a lot of trust and a lot of faith in our defense,” Keenum said. “I think they have a great plan and a scheme, great players. They can match up well with those guys.”Sanders added that since head coach Vance Joseph changed the scheme back to focusing on what the defense does well, the defense has played better.“We know what they’re going to do offensively, but that’s not saying that I don’t believe in our defense - especially with how we played last week, going back and being ourselves,” Sanders said, highlighting an earlier comment about adjustments to the defense against Arizona.“I like what Coach Joseph did when he made that adjustment going back and playing our style of football. That’s man-high, let Von Miller rush, let Bradley Chubb go loose, and Chris Harris and Bradley Roby, ‘You guys get up there and press these guys,’” Sanders added. “In doing that, the quarterback’s got to make the perfect throw because if he doesn’t it’s going to be an interception. You saw that in Arizona. Hopefully, we’re able to continue that and continue to make those plays on defense and create turnovers so offensively we can be way more aggressive.”Harris Jr. and his fellow defenders are all for it.“I’m approaching it like a championship game again,” Harris Jr. said. “You’re going to Arrowhead, a hostile environment. Everybody expects - they need - me Cheap Von Miller Jersey , ‘25,’ to come out here and make plays, have an all-star game, an All-Pro game.”The cornerback is also planning to be more physically prepared after having to get extra I.V.s during the first contest.“Yeah, I’ll definitely load up on some I.V.s or whatever for the game, as much as I can,” he laughed, adding that he’s already begun extra hydration in preparation for a long, tough game. “Just getting my body ready, knowing that there’s going to be times where we’re going to have to get out and cover for five seconds. It’s going to happen. We’re working on keeping this guy caged in. Make him throw from the pocket, but he’s that good in the pocket to where he can get out and scramble.”No. 25 also isn’t shy about saying the team is relying on him to be on the field the entire time.“I’ve got to have my mind ready, be in shape,” he said. “We need me on the field this whole game, I can’t come out like I did last time.”One of the big takeaways Harris Jr. pulled from film study this week is how most teams “play scared” against Mahomes.He doesn’t plan on the Broncos’ defense adding to the list as one of those teams this weekend.“Mahomes, he can make all of the throws. I think with him you just try to pick and choose whether you can make your plays,” he said. “Everybody else playing these guys are [playing] scared. They’re not challenging them. No. 10 (Tyreek Hill) is just running around free. That’s not how we play. When we play them, we get up, we challenge them, put hands on them and that’s how we come to play. We’re not coming to be scared and let guys run for free all day.”Fellow defensive back Justin Simmons feels exactly the same way.“If anyone can beat the Chiefs and do it in a defensive fashion, it’s us,” said the safety. “No one else is built defensively like we are to be able to beat the Chiefs, especially at home at their place. ...It’s a tall task, but one that this defense is looking forward to, especially coming off a big win like we had last week. We’re just going to use that momentum to ride into Kansas City and come out with a win. Whatever it takes.”Harris Jr. has one more piece of advice for his teammates:“Everybody is going to have to have a great level of mental toughness, championship mindset and don’t be scared. Like I said last time before we played them, ‘If you’re scared, go to church.’ You’ve got to be able to challenge these boys.”Horse Tracks - docllv’s picks of the day‘I believe I can be a great player when it’s all said and done’: Broncos CB Bradley Roby opens up about roller-coaster start to 2018 – The AthleticBradley Roby said he made adjustments after his season-worst showing against the Jets in Week 5, and it showed in the Broncos' win over the Cardinals. The key? "It's all mental," he said.The 19 Boringest Athletes Of All Time | DeadspinSo yes, let’s salute the athletes who were able to achieve immortality by demonstrating a technical proficiency so consistent and so routine that watching them made me beg for the sweet release of a sledgehammer to the temporal lobe. You will see a lot of obvious names on this list. That is because, like these athletes, I lack imagination.Horse TracksBroncos' focus on Kansas City as trip to Arrowhead awaits“If you didn’t study all weekend and get a jump on these boys, then you ain’t trying to win,” Chris Harris said Wednesday. “I’ve been studying and focusing on them the whole time. This is a big game."Demaryius Thomas wants to stay with Denver BroncosI would like that too, DT.Kansas City Chiefs high on Dorian O’Daniel at nickel LB position - Arrowhead PrideSo is our own analyst, Shawn Barber, who played the position for 10 yearsThe Chiefs show improvement in most defensive areas against the Bengals - Arrowhead PrideThe Chiefs defense had an impressive week against the Bengals, but where did they perform best?Looking ahead at the Denver Broncos quarterback situationWith the release of Chad Kelly Cheap Matt Paradis Jersey , the Denver Broncos could face a setback with quarterback development. I look ahead to the future at quarterback for Denver.Broncos tracker: Practice updates from Chiefs weekThe deadline for NFL players to be traded is fast-approaching on Tuesday and the Broncos are rumored to be open for business.After releasing Chad Kelly, the Broncos’ future at the QB position becomes murkier – The AthleticSince John Elway joined the Broncos' front office in 2011, he's drafted five quarters. With the release of Chad Kelly on Wednesday, none of them are still on the roster.NFL sets game time for Broncos' Week 15 game vs. ClevelandThe Broncos' matchup with the Browns will take the evening slot on Saturday, Dec. 15.Oakland Raiders tight end Lee Smith defends quarterback Derek CarrRaiders tight end Lee Smith defended QB Derek Carr, saying the criticism of Carr "is a joke."Patrick Peterson hints at long-term commitment to Arizona CardinalsAmid trade speculation, veteran cornerback Patrick Peterson on Wednesday said he's "100 percent focused on being part of the solution" for the Cardinals.These 5 NFL quarterbacks have earned the highest marks so far this season - The Washington PostThere's a mix of young and veteran QBs on the list of the top performers in 2018.The NFL Broke Former Players Like Me. Here's One Way To Fix Us.Roger Goodell is a benevolent man. Last season, while negotiating his own new salary, he demanded lifetime health insurance for himself and his family—with a wink. Marlin Briscoe had to demand a tryout to be considered at quarterback when he was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 1968. He ended up becoming the first black quarterback to start in the American Football League.Briscoe says he sees parallels with his experiences in how black athletes are treated 50 years later.His groundbreaking accomplishments were somewhat lost in the shuffle in 1968, one of the most transformative years in U.S. history. Civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy were assassinated that year. There were civil rights riots and numerous protests of the Vietnam War. Less than two weeks after Briscoe's first start, U.S. track and field stars Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised black-gloved fists on the medal stand at the Olympics to protest America's social injustices.But Briscoe's legacy resonates among his contemporaries 50 years later, hitting on race as well as the pressures athletes face in pro sports.Here are two stories from The Associated Press as they appeared in newspapers when Briscoe played in his first game and when he made his first start. Note that the first story misspells Mike Taliaferro's and Gino Cappelletti's last names, and the second story misspells kicker Bob Howfield's last name.FIRST GAME (As published Monday, Sept. 30, 1968, in The Morning Advocate of Baton Rouge, Louisiana)DENVER, Colo. (AP) — Bob Scarpitto's American Football League record 87-yard punt helped Boston send his former Denver Bronco teammates to their third straight defeat Sunday 20-17.Scarpitto, cut by the Broncos Sept. 2 after six seasons, sailed the punt — aided by a 10 mile an hour wind — over the head of Floyd Little. He lost his footing, scrambling for the ball and touched it on Denvers' one, where Willie Porter recovered. Larry Garron dived for the touchdown on the second play.That broke a 10-10 tie with 7:17 played in the third quarter and with the help of Gino Capelletti's seven-yard field goal handed the Patriots their second victory in three starts.Denver Coach Lou Saban jerked starting quarterback Jim Leclair after he threw his second interception in the fourth quarter and called on rookie Marlin Briscoe, first Negro quarterback ever to play in the AFL.He aroused the Denver record crowd of 37,024 with a 12-yard run for a consolation touchdown after a 19-yard scamper.Boston took a 7-3 lead on Mike Taliferro's 14-yard pass to tight end Jim Whalen in the end zone. This capped a march from Denver's 38 where Leroy Mitchell stole Leclair's pass.Denver moved ahead 10-7 in the early moments of the second period with a 65-yard touchdown march highlighted by a 50-yard pass play from Leclair to Bill Van Heusen.Boston tied the game 10-10 midway in the second quarter on Gino Cappelletti's 22-yard field goal. In the first half, he was short from 50 yards and wide from 42.FIRST START (As published Monday, Oct. 7, 1968, in the Lexington Herald)DENVER, Colo. (AP) — Quarterback Steve Tensi, playing for the first time since a pre-season injury, hooked up in the last four minutes with rookie Mike Haffner to pass the Denver Broncos to a 10-7 American Football League victory over Cincinnati Sunday.Bob Howlfield's 34-yard field goal in the third quarter gave the Broncos the needed margin for their first league triumph in four starts.Cincinnati cracked open the scoreless duel in the second quarter with defensive back Bobby Hunt running 15 yards for a touchdown on a fake field goal attempt.Tensi, not quite recovered from a broken collar bone, started the second half after Marlin Briscoe failed to take Denver into scoring territory.Trailing 7-3 with a little over four minutes left, Denver's chance came when Drake Garrett recovered Cincinnati's Estes Banks' fumble on the Bengal 35. Five plays later, Tensi hit Haffner in the end zone to cap a five-play march.