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Hello Junglists!

By: DJ Epicentre
Posted in: Sheffield junglism

Hey all, new to the site, and been MP3 deejaying in Sheffield for the last year or so. I'm an old-skool vinyl deejay, and though I love my stash of records, I'm so excited to have literally thousands of classic 90's jungle and D&B tunes to drop as phat MP3's.

Be great to find out if anyone else on here is actively putting nights on in the region - I've dropped sets at Plot 22 and The Wormery, and really looking forward to killing it with a jump-up set on the Saturday night / Sunday morning of Tramlines weekend at the end of July 2018.

Check out my mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/DJEpicentre/

Peace - DJ Epicentre (Sheffield)

09/21/18 02:59:20PM @copycatspotter:
Copycat spotted!
The real dj epicenter has been playing for 15 years and is coming to Sheffield next weekend catch the real deal at cocoon 28th Sept!

DJ Epicentre
09/27/18 08:38:15AM @dj-epicentre-sheffield:
Whoever you are posting as @copycatspotter:

This is really annoying as I've been using the name Epicentre for MC and DJ activities since the late 90's, was part of the Red Eye Knights, Green Knights and Multiverse 3 hip hop crews, have taken part in freestyle battles, and connected with people all round the UK - in short I've earned the name.

However, what's bugging me is that since relaunching in 2017 as a DJ, I've been at pains to make it clear on every profile, including this one, that I'm Sheffield-based, and haven't in any way attempted to deceive anyone that I'm the justifiably-celebrated Epicentre in Manchester.

Or are you talking about "Epicenter" as you've actually written?

I'll shout the Manchester Epicentre later on FB and get this sorted with him directly.

Meanwhile, whoever you are, if you're not him, please leave it.

DJ Epicentre (Sheffield)
About DJ Epicentre (Sheffield)

I first heard Jungle in '93 on a very early LTJ Bukem mix - he was dropping hardcore tracks by Foul Play as well as seminal Jungle classics like Skanna's "This Way" and his own "Music" - and I was hooked!

I built a respectable vinyl collection of mid-90's jump up and techstep, but opportunities to play out in Sheffield were limited to a few slots at one-off events and parties, and I didn't get a sniff of the more established nights that emerged around the noughties in the city.

However, as Bizzy no doubt knows the strong and determined survive, and in 2017 I picked up on MP3 deejaying and for the last year or so have amassed a ridiculous collection of 90's jungle, jump-up, techstep D&B and turn of the millenium darkside bangers.

I'm stoked to play out, and beginning to get recognition from the small D&B community in the city for my high-tempo dancefloor-igniting selections and general breakbeat knowhow. It's awesome watching younger fan's heads explode when they hear tearing amen tracks over proper systems, and my mix-style of layered breaks with subtle use of filtering and FX seems to be fresh to ears jaded by years of commercial D&B.

Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/DJEpicentre/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/epicentredeejay/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/epicentredeejay