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"Whoever you are posting as @copycatspotter: This is really annoying as I've been using the name Epicentre for MC and DJ activities since the late 90's, was..."
09/27/18 10:22:18AM @copycatspotter:
Whoever you are fake epicenter it is really not nice for the real epicenter who has done well under his name for 15 years to have some random leech off it & clearly knowing about him with all your Sheffield reference's even though he plays all over 🤦🏽‍♀️
DJ Epicentre
09/27/18 11:38:15AM @dj-epicentre-sheffield:
Ok think you're getting out of your depth here, and throwing abuse around and accusing me of lying isn't constructive.

My real name is Andy Stockton, I'm not claiming to be unaware of Epicentre (you are still saying Epicenter...) but don't follow nu-jungle closely and had set up my online presence already when I realised he's been releasing on Juno etc. I'm glad for his success, and think we just need to make sure we're identifiable as different guys.

As you can see, I put "Epicentre - Sheffield" on my Twitter, Mixcloud and on here., plus I DJ other styles too.

It's unfortunate but by no means unusual for DJ's to arrive at the same name, and as I've pointed out, I've been using it from the late 90's - there's tons of flyers and posters from back in the day, as well as hip hop vinyl releases, that attest to that.

Why don't you identify yourself and let's try and work this out?

I tweeted your man Epicentre earlier to discuss this like grown ups, let's see what he says?

DJ Epicentre
09/27/18 11:52:09AM @dj-epicentre-sheffield:
And while we're at it, I'm wondering if you are going to start having a pop at this guy too?


As far as I can tell, that's another Epicentre with a 90's claim. He even produces as Epicentre!

DJ Epicentre
09/27/18 03:44:29PM @dj-epicentre-sheffield:
In case you missed my follow-up @copycatspotter
09/27/18 03:47:59PM @copycatspotter:
I'm not trying to be constructive just honest unlike you
DJ Epicentre
09/28/18 07:54:53AM @dj-epicentre-sheffield:
That makes no sense @copycatspotter

1. You've created an anonymous profile on Bizzy's site just to attack me and won't reveal who you are

2. You've made allegations against me without producing any evidence. Email me your address and I'll send you a free vinyl copy of the 2002 Multiverse 3 EP for your surprise and education: https://www.discogs.com/Multiverse-3-Nu-Skankers-EP/release/239930

3. You've rated the Plot 22 event as 1 star when I'm guessing you weren't actually at it. That's dishonest in itself.

4. You've effectively attacked Ritetrax, who worked their asses off to provide a FREE event for the 2nd night running at Plot 22, for which no one was paid - though I did enjoy 3 or 4 very cold and refreshing cans of Stella on the house...

5. You've also low-rated the performances of Skipz, Charla Green and all the other DJ's and artists who appeared that night and dropped wicked sets representing the diversity and vitality of the Sheffield DIY scene in its many forms.

I'm done with you here, I'm a veteran DJ and former battle MC who isn't going to be trolled into giving up my name by a gutless keyboard warrior.

Have a nice day!

09/28/18 10:02:06AM @copycatspotter:
You are a nobody pal stop trying to rip off good artists end of!
DJ Epicentre (Sheffield)
About DJ Epicentre (Sheffield)

I first heard Jungle in '93 on a very early LTJ Bukem mix - he was dropping hardcore tracks by Foul Play as well as seminal Jungle classics like Skanna's "This Way" and his own "Music" - and I was hooked!

I built a respectable vinyl collection of mid-90's jump up and techstep, but opportunities to play out in Sheffield were limited to a few slots at one-off events and parties, and I didn't get a sniff of the more established nights that emerged around the noughties in the city.

However, as Bizzy no doubt knows the strong and determined survive, and in 2017 I picked up on MP3 deejaying and for the last year or so have amassed a ridiculous collection of 90's jungle, jump-up, techstep D&B and turn of the millenium darkside bangers.

I'm stoked to play out, and beginning to get recognition from the small D&B community in the city for my high-tempo dancefloor-igniting selections and general breakbeat knowhow. It's awesome watching younger fan's heads explode when they hear tearing amen tracks over proper systems, and my mix-style of layered breaks with subtle use of filtering and FX seems to be fresh to ears jaded by years of commercial D&B.

Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/DJEpicentre/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/epicentredeejay/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/epicentredeejay