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About djneils
i've been into drum and bass since 1993 i started djing around 1994/5 and started producing around 2000 ish but it's only been recently that i've been happy with anything i've been producing.
as far as my djing goes i've played at technicalty more than once and at a night called transition which i helped to put on with a good friend called o.D. and i'v also played at many other nights that i cant remember the names of :-x
i used to play on a internet radio station called pfradio.com but they switched over to a free podcast service and i still add mixes to there site. i am currently on a internet radio staition calle kunninmindz.com every sunday 1-3pm gmt with o.D. and Frobak so lock in and check it out.
bizzy b, tango , ratty, jumping jack frost, top buzz, rat pack, equinox, chris inperspective, macc, paradox, many many more