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About enjoy
...back in the days when sounds were clear and heavy...acid house was the origin for me when at the end of the 80's I was shocked by 808 state and the only club playing that sound was ARENA...deep times! Then became REINFORCED and its sound chemistry with 4 HERO in front of all that still now influences me...JUNGLE came along after a bit of HARDCORE and I felt I was the only dog in north italy to play and push this new sound, when cheesy house was on top of the club scene.
....and then came 'INNER CITY LIFE'...defining what I was looking for : DRUM'N'BASS was the key, the answer..that's why I'm so sticked to my gun from 1989.
Throughout all these years I've played in several places, from clubs to warehouse parties and raves, and my only purpouse is yet the same: innovate & fun...this is the base to do thing right...just having fun doin what you want to do...you know it's boring when you go djing and you listen things like 'you gotta play this, you gotta play that'...come on relax and lemme do my thing...and then you can tell me if it's right or not!!!
In the middle of the 90's I became part of BLUE SOUND a Radio Show started by Mookie which was just a voice from the musical black hole of the north-east...in all these years we push every kind of music we found interesting with no limitations..and from October '08 it's mutated into JAXX each and every monday from 9PM to 10PM (www.tpnhitenergy.com)..ya know there's somethin else but house and r'n'b!
At the end of the 90's I met some guys who had few, but clever, ideas about jazz, electronica and visuals...ezzthetic was born...and finally in 2004 we had a release on LTJ BUKEM's EARTH 7 as Juice Loosers_e variations.
At the end of summer '07 I became part of the TRICK BAG CRU with my record dealer PIERO VIT and MAXIST...just to let the north-east italy know that's somethin' different on the scene! We have created a concrete one night at EDERA CLUB called BLEEP which, in his first season, had artists like FANU , CODE , FAZO , ANDY SKOPES & NUCLEUS!
Our second season has begun with a bangin nite with MACC & ANDY SKOPES...MASSIVE FLOOR BURNING!!!!
Now I'm still straight on my d'n'b thing with LAVERNA netlabel , RADIANCE COLLECTIVE as official remixer of ENERGY METER and I've started The Blunt Needles project with Jay to explore subconcious altered dark state of our bad minds..so stay tuned..WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE!