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Defending FIFA 19 Tips Every Pro Player MUST Know

By: game4space
Posted in: FIFA 19 Guides

Hey comrades, defending in FIFA 19 is usually a tiny improved than in 18 due to player responsiveness and AI positioning.

A great deal of the exact same defensive expertise from last year will translate to a degree, and I’ll do an updated defensive tutorial as the actual meta evolves. Despite the fact that I've played loads of superior players so far (like final year's major Computer player), FUT Champs is often a unique beast!

#1 Retain Your Defensive Shape With all the Cover Center PI

When you are defending, you in no way desire to develop pockets of space for the enemy to exploit.

But too often you’ll obtain your midfielders in awkward positions, leaving huge gaps. Fortunately, there’s a player instruction that assists preserve your shape in FIFA 19. You are able to inform central midfielders to cover the central regions in the pitch, and by default, they cover the wings instead. It’s a whole lot less complicated to keep your team’s shape if you do not have players drifting wide all more than the location.

Based on my expertise so far, I highly advise setting your mids to defend centrally. It is simpler to funnel an individual to the wings than it can be to defend massive gaps within the center of your half. Around the world there are millions who loved fifa game and they want to update in concern of this game. To purchase new and the best player, earn fifa 19 coins or alter the formation of the game or either rectify the fifa game.

#2 Don’t Blindly Charge The Ball Carrier

I know it is tempting to quickly go just after the guy who has the ball, but that is not normally the very best course of action. If you’re controlling a CB and also you vacate his position, you now possess a clear gap to the objective. So if you are going to charge the ball carrier, you far better be 100% specific that you’re going to obtain that ball.

Playing a high-stress technique needs many concentrates, and if you’ve in no way performed it prior to, it is possible to tell your group to “press just after possession loss” within the custom tactics. Your team will press difficult for about 7 seconds after which revert to regular.

But commonly speaking, do not just straight away charge the ball carrier unless you have identified that you simply possess a realistic chance of acquiring the ball back. And how do you figure that out? Trial and error of course!

#3 Only Slide Tackle As A Last Resort

Slide tackles take forever and leave you exposed.

You can tap the slide tackle button a 2nd time to get up faster, but you nonetheless find yourself exposing oneself massively should you do not win the ball back.

Pretend that slide tackling doesn’t exist unless you may have actually no other options, or unless you'd like to commit a dirty foul to break up a counter attack.

#4 Make an effort to Stay away from Sprinting

Defensive agility/responsiveness in 19 is improved than 18, but they’re nevertheless defenders. You must attempt to avoid sprinting with them whenever possible because sprinting using a defender implies committing 200% to a single precise path.

In the event you require to chase the enemy attacker down, definitely you must sprint in an effort to catch up, but do not bother sprinting if you’re in front from the attacker and only want to cover a little bit of ground.

After a bunch of defenders has IFs and crazy particular boosts, sprinting and agility are significantly less of a problem.

#5 Positioning Is More Vital Than Tackling

Often, you must not even make a tackle to win the ball back. In reality, this way of defending is preferred by quite a few all-time greats like Maldini and Ferdinand, and it does translate into FIFA somewhat.

Positioning your players in techniques which will cut passing lanes or in methods that simply get inside the attacker’s way is usually a great way to stress the enemy into creating an error. Tackling calls for timing and animations to finish, but excellent positioning has eliminated that variable. To get superior at positioning, I suggest watching your own personal replays to determine where and how an attacker beat you. You’ll commence to recognize patterns and adjust accordingly.

That is it for nowadays comrades, let me know in case you have any questions! And if you are like me and want to get truly deep into FIFA 19, check out the r/seriousFIFA subreddit! Cheers.