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Are You Heard Shade has the Least Amount of Buffs in Maplestory?

By: game4space
Posted in: Maplestory Guide

I heard Shade has the least quantity of buffs? What about Cadena? I don't need to play a class exactly where I regularly must hold activating a buff to keep the buff on me as it gets kind of annoying when I can just continue attacking.

#1 The "problem" with Shade past 200 would be the 5th job capabilities as well as quite significantly every single other character.

Before 200, or far better, 200 and no 5th job, you've passed 200 20 sec [I think] + how lots of livers you happen to be choosing up, which could make this skill final infinite amount of past 200 with 5th Job:

  • Maple Warrior
  • Heroic Memories
  • Spirit Bond Max

  • Sprit Flow (Initially 5th Job Talent, max level indicates initially five stacks, just after 6th stack 30s duration and 240s CD [The very first two ability parts are useless)

Note that this list doesn't even include things like Decent expertise. Decent which might be helpful for shade are:

  • Decent Sharp Eyes
  • Decent Speed Infusion
  • Decent Haste
  • Decent Sophisticated Blessing
  • Decent Combat Orders

#2 I am level 238 and farming at LP1, and the present buffs I am applying whilst wearing complete (implies one hundred one hundred) drop gear is pretty considerably every little thing.

The factors from my list above I don't use are Freud's and DAB.

  • MW is 16 min for me or sth, so no problem, similar goes to Echo
  • Haste and SI are pet expertise, I only have two auto buffs
  • DSE is on macro with MW and HB, which I have without having any usage
  • Spirit Bond Max is the permanently active reason for the farming speed plus the drops
  • Dice, HS, CO are on CD skills for me, similar goes to overdrive, Spirit Flow
  • Spirit Gate is employed to guard the Kanna in case of AFK Mob

I need to say, I've never seriously tried going without having permanently rebuffing. I can lessen the buffing to Dice, HS for Exp / Drop and MW along with Spirit Bond Max. To learn more, please visit the official MapleStory Facebook page for the latest news and event updates. Want to buy MapleStory Mesos, visit our website, you can buy them at a reasonable price.

Spirit Flow is too fantastic to leave out and Gate to maintain the Kanna save. I will probably test it if I get a Kanna tonight, but for now, I do not truly consider it'll be worth it for me.