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Thief Skill Build Guide New MapleStory Players Need to Know!

By: game4space
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Thief Skill Build Guide New MapleStory Players Need to Know!

Thieves are a part of Explorers, they are short-medium range characters mostly working with daggers, claws and throwing stars. They are the fastest short variety attackers within the game, dealing weak but lots of attacks on a foe. They use their all-natural quickness and agility to navigate the location, wanting to obtain the upper hand. Commonly, Thieves possess the highest avoidability and second highest accuracy in MapleStory.

A thief is amongst the 5 class archetype that other jobs in MapleStory draw from. They may be the fastest short-range attackers within the game, dealing somewhat low damage but a lot of attacks on a foe with daggers, claws and throwing stars. They on a regular basis use their all-natural quickness and agility to navigate the area to achieve the upper hand. Maple Story is one of the most popular 2D online game globally especially among primary and secondary students, gamers are always buying cheap MapleStory mesos at U4GM. 

Just like the rest with the Explorers branch, a thief has the exclusive ability to decide on involving specialized job paths after they reach level 30.

THIEF Newbie Capabilities
Please refer to Explorer Beginner/Novice Talent Make Guide for extra facts because it is shared amongst Warrior, Archer, Magician, Thief, and Pirate.

ROGUE - THIEF 1ST JOB Capabilities

Fortunate Seven
Throws two throwing stars based on LUK, regardless of Claw Mastery.
Level 1: MP Price: eight, Damage: 114%
Level 20: MP Expense: 14, Harm: 190%

Double Stab
Rapidly stabs an enemy twice.
Level 1: MP Expense: eight, Harm: 89%
Level 20: MP Price: 14, Harm: 165%

Flash Jump
Use when inside the middle of a jump to jump twice within a row. The jump distance increases as the talent level increases.
Level 1: MP Price: 38, jumps further.
Level five: MP Expense: 22, jumps additional.

Temporarily increases Movement Speed and Jump for all party members. Increases maximum Movement Speed permanently.
Level 1: MP Cost: 10, Duration: 20 sec, Speed: +4, Jump: +2. Passive Effects - Max Movement Speed: +2
Level 10: MP Price: 20

Nimble Physique
By way of education of secret arts, Luck is permanently enhanced.
Level 1: Permanently increases LUK by 2
Level 10: Permanently increases LUK by 20

Dark Sight
Makes it possible for you to hide in shadow to get a brief time. When Dark Sight is activated you can't attack or be attacked, but you'll be able to make use of the Flash Jump ability. Press the skill key again to deactivate Dark Sight.
Level 1: MP Cost: 23, Duration: 20 sec.
Level 10: MP Cost: 5, Duration: 200 sec.

Thief Skill Develop Guide (Assassin + Bandit): All the things maxed except Double Stab.
1. Lucky Seven (1)
2. Flash Jump (MAX)
three. Haste (MAX)
4. Fortunate Seven (MAX)
5. Nimble Physique (MAX)
six. Dark Sight (MAX)
7. Double Stab (10/20)