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Realm Royale Fire Bomb is a very strong skill

By: gameboostingmai
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Realm Royale Fire Bomb is a very strong skill

Realm Royale, the newcomer in the battle royale world, tries to distinguish his gameplay from that of the rest of the market with influences and ideas taken equally from the world of RPGs. Among the characteristics derived from the world of role-playing games we find the choice of the class, something that must be done during the pre-game and that is potentially able to change the outcome of the same.

We will show you the five available classes of the game for now, how to play them at their best and how to get Realm Royale Boost. Each class will have unique abilities, unique legendary weapons, and non-replaceable passive skills. Let's see together what they are and how to make the most of every gram of the class we choose. The engineer passively earns 5 armor points per second. This passive allows the player to do without the dedicated potions and to allow the passage of time to heal his wounds by progressively increasing the current acrmor, even during the course of battles.

Realm Royale turret is a skill that can quickly and quickly damage an opponent at a time; the damages are limited but allow us to slowly file our opponent life points and armor. It also serves to improve our improvised fortifications or barricades, barricades that we will build using another of our abilities. This strategy is quite obvious,to pull a barricade and place a turret to create a continuous source of damage without too many chances of damage. The best way to use this build is to concentrate your war effort on the forges, strenuously defending your position. The presence of a well defended turret will force opposing players to take alternative routes that can be covered by bullets from our main weapons.

Realm Royale Fire Bomb is a very strong skill, able to do a considerable amount of damage in the second that elapses between the damage of impact and the damage in time of the flames. The barricade obviously allows the player to avoid taking damage from enemy bullets. By mixing these two skills it is possible to create bottlenecks to be exploited with team bypasses and pincer strategies.

Realm Royale legendary weapon of the engineer is the Plasma Launcher, Realm Royale Fast Leveling is a really interesting tool that is able to do a lot of damage in a few seconds and is also equipped with an interesting splash damage to be coupled with that of the fire bomb. The weapon does 800 direct damage and 400 splash damage. Splash damage has a rather limited area of ??effect but still large enough to hit an enemy behind a wall; to do this, just aim at the angle visible to the player and hope that our opponent is in the immediate vicinity of the corner.

Realm Royale hunter passively has a 10% increase in the speed of recharging and the speed of exchange of his weapons. Of all the passives this is probably the least useful as the class playstile is based on the use of the Longbow and on a few precise strokes, especially during the last stages of the game. Realm Royale Blast Shot is able to do a good number of damage in a small area while the Withdraw is the perfect skill to escape from really dangerous situations; using the withdraw it is good to remember that it remains possible to shoot while you are invisible, so you can finish the enemies weakened previously.