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Tips on Choose Correct Stainless Steel Sink Countertop

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Tips on Choose Correct Stainless Steel Sink Countertop

Shengzhou Cadia Electric Co.Ltd is a professional factory for the high quality Stainless Steel Sink Countertop for more than 10years.

Due to our traditional cooking and eating habits, as well as the fact that laundry items contain silt impurities, it is especially important to have a good stainless steel sink countertop n the home. Sainless steel sink countertop s used to hold a large amount of water equipment, there are many types of kitchen sink, then how to choose the Stainless Steel Handmade Sinks? In the purchase of what needs attention?

Lightweight, thin, slim, thin edges not only maximize the maximum scrubbing space and minimum surface dimensions of the stainless steel sink countertop, but also spill the water from the sink into the sink.

Stainless steel handmade sinks best choice of the thickness of the steel plate between 0.8-1.2mm, within this thickness, choose 304 # stainless steel, so that the tank has the toughness, you can maximize the avoidance of all types of porcelain ware due to impact caused by damage. The easiest way is to press the surface of the sink a little harder, if you press on, it shows the material is very thin.

Sainless steel sink countertop process welding and one-piece molding. Welding method is divided into two ways, one is the basin and the panel welding together, its advantage is the appearance of beautiful, after rigorous treatment difficult to find the weld, the stainless steel sink countertop urface is smooth, the disadvantage is that some consumers Suspected of its solidity. In fact, the current welding technology are the most submerged arc welding and the most advanced numerical resistance welding, the quality has been clearance; the other is the integration of two single-butt welded single basin, its advantage is the basin and the panel as one stretch molding, solid Durable, the disadvantage is easy to see the welding traces, a little flatness.

A molding is currently more advanced by the consumer also welcome the production process, but the production process is difficult, and the overall shape of the flume after the uneven thickness, thinner, mostly about 0.7mm, better basin thickness should be 0.8-1.0 mm, not the thicker the better, the thicker the material Stainless Steel Handmade Sink is too bulky, easy to deform the cabinet, will hurt tableware utensils, 0.8-1.0mm is the best thickness, long life, utensils will get security.

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