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Friday ( 320 )

Friday ( 320 )

album: Lennie D Ice Unreleased

genre: Jungle

streams: 55

audio file: mp3, 6.1MB, 00:05:20

09/11/18 06:33:58PM @johntong:
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11/24/18 05:26:35AM @casperbonner:
Lennie's "We Are I.e" is regularly viewed as one of the primary jungle records. Ran Do Or Die Records. Uncle 22 shown him how to use Write My Assignment Online Australia Cubase when he previously began creating.
06/26/19 09:21:04AM @sarah009:
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Lennie De-Ice
About Lennie De-Ice
Lennie's "We Are I.e" is considered to be one of the first jungle records. and is one of the pioneers of the Jungle scene, Check out His Tunes , Arms house Back Catalog in the pipeline.

Well to those who have been waiting for a very long time it's coming soon...!THE ARCHIVES from 1987 till present day....Yep this is the back catalog of tracks released & material that didn't make it to vinyl..
solely becoz of the tracks we created @ the time was too different to how the scene was developing & politics.Some of these Track produced were the early experimental projects that developed into the sound you know it as today.The Material Ranges from Stuff i Performed Live with Kickski Love @ illegal Events such as Panarama,Empathy,Energy,Darnley Rd,Hackney Wick,Boulevard,Carnival 1993,Astoria,Phantasy,Dungeons1989,Living Dream & the list goes on.....mastered @ Freestyle Studio,Armshouse studios,DMR Studio,Shadowland,Peartree & MMM Recordings
Some of the choonz co produced with dj's @ the time that became dj/producers (Dj Rap,Kenny Ken,Red Ant,Timmi Magic,Sewage Monsters,Dub Hustler,Dahc,Snatcherz& the list goes on....!
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