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Lennie De-Ice
About Lennie De-Ice
Lennie's "We Are I.e" is considered to be one of the first jungle records. and is one of the pioneers of the Jungle scene, Check out His Tunes , Arms house Back Catalog in the pipeline.

Well to those who have been waiting for a very long time it's coming soon...!THE ARCHIVES from 1987 till present day....Yep this is the back catalog of tracks released & material that didn't make it to vinyl..
solely becoz of the tracks we created @ the time was too different to how the scene was developing & politics.Some of these Track produced were the early experimental projects that developed into the sound you know it as today.The Material Ranges from Stuff i Performed Live with Kickski Love @ illegal Events such as Panarama,Empathy,Energy,Darnley Rd,Hackney Wick,Boulevard,Carnival 1993,Astoria,Phantasy,Dungeons1989,Living Dream & the list goes on.....mastered @ Freestyle Studio,Armshouse studios,DMR Studio,Shadowland,Peartree & MMM Recordings
Some of the choonz co produced with dj's @ the time that became dj/producers (Dj Rap,Kenny Ken,Red Ant,Timmi Magic,Sewage Monsters,Dub Hustler,Dahc,Snatcherz& the list goes on....!

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