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MapleStory 2 Guild Hyperlink 5 - Undead Duel Knight Ability Add Point and Customs Guide

By: MapleStoryFans
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MapleStory 2 Guild Hyperlink 5 - Undead Duel Knight Ability Add Point and Customs Guide

As the major Dungeons in the guild, the guild team Dungeons has attracted the focus of your majority of players. At present, you'll find nonetheless numerous players inside the unfinished duel Dungeons who have not been able to pass the customs. Today, we will clarify the customs clearance abilities for everyone.

Dungeons overall course of action brief
Guild Link 5 is by far one of the most difficult Dungeons. The Dungeons limit time is only 5 minutes. The requirements for group output are fairly higher. The BOSS harm and defense are significantly larger than the Dungeons of Zakun. Due to the fact this dungeon has no other mobs, it can be cleared. The fundamental process is just to play BOSS.

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Dungeons difficult to resolve
The difficulty of this Dungeons is:
1. Because of the Dungeons time limit of 5 minutes, the output specifications with the group are relatively higher, and weapons, jewelry gemstones and fashion gemstones have to reach a certain level.
2. BOSS damage is quite higher, so you may need an epic level of armor to resist harm, you may use the body to hide.
3. By far the most difficult factor may be the setting of Dungeons mechanism and killing circumstances. Prior to the Dungeons is going to be opened, don't let the two cows get close. It is suggested to watch the Dungeons reminder just before starting, mainly because the Dungeons BOSS is two cows, Dungeons mid-term There may also be a hate program that reminds you of where hatred is.
So, you must pull out the two BOSS at the same time for you to output, the concentrate is on the method of killing. Should you only hit a single cow and hit the BOSS blood volume to 5%, the cow will faint, as well as the fainting is BOSS. Invincible time, during this time, if there's no other BOSS blood volume at the same time to 5%, this faint BOSS will restore 50% in the blood, so you need to pay interest to these two BOSS The blood volume demands to be controlled, and at the very same time, the blood volume is decreased to 5%, as well as the blood may be cleared.

Main occupational recommendation plus points and occupational division of labor
The Cavaliers are generally the exact same in this dungeon and Zakun Dungeons. The auxiliary skill whirlpool shield is really a should. The output process is nearly exactly the same.
The Typhoon Slash-Divine Strike-Drill Thrust-Cross Cut loop is used by Shield Booster. Because this Dungeons mechanism desires to open two BOSS, the DEBUFF in the blue circle is definitely the ice sealing impact, plus the DEBUFF in the red circle will be the upper limit of your HP. Hence, the concept of assigning a career is that the blue circle BOSS is assigned to remotely output outside the circle. The red circle BOSS allocates melee inside the circle, the red 5 people blue 5 individuals are distributed like this, and may also be played by the entire remote team. This really is additional flexible, based around the configuration of each group.

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Dungeons rewards
Need to reward: 275 guild coins, 9 style gemstone boxes, 140 elf protection stones, 16 crystal rough stones.

Random reward: Holy Glory Throne

The above is the whole content material in the Dungeons skill within this problem. I believe that soon after reading this problem, it is going to aid the players to overcome Dungeons. Finally, I want the players can get by means of the customs as soon as you possibly can, Bye!

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