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Compulsion of School Uniforms

By: Patriciagrays
Posted in: Education

A uniform is a specific piece of clothing worn by students of a particular educational institution. An example of a uniform is a black or grey pant with a white button down shirt and a specific solid colored coat in the winter. It is believed that uniforms are dated back to the sixteenth century and uniforms are now used in a professional setting or for the members of a committee or club. Up until 1997, two thirds of schools have adopted a policy of wearing a uniform to school.


Pros of school uniform

Many consider a school uniform to be effective and one of the presidents of the United States  spoke in favor of it also. This way barriers created by money are broken down and every student inside the school is equal instead of from a specific social class. This then helps in issues of self-esteem and more students consider themselves to be equal to their peers who can reduce instances of bullying and peer pressure is reduced as well. Furthermore, when students don’t have different materials of clothing to pay attention to or criticize then they spend more time learning rather than wasting time on petty things. Uniforms also help students to bond as it becomes a sort of tradition to remember one’s school days and look at the outfits that they associate with those very school days that is, the uniform. Another plus is clothing related to gangs is not worn as the uniform is same for all and this way, students are safer because the students blend in and don’t become a target for gang related attacks. Uniforms also make it easier to track students who are on a field trip and this increases their safety as they are kept an eye on and do not get lost. If they do get lost, they easily identified by people passing by who can them take the children back to school.  Uniforms also help establish a sense of pride in the school and the spirit of unity under the banner of the school. This is because students feel a sense of belonging towards the school. There is also a sort of resentment that is created between children as they see someone wearing designer clothes and they feel as though what they are wearing is not good enough and this also causes issues with self esteem.

Cons of school uniform

Uniforms are available at select shops and can be hard and pricey to get as the lack of competition keeps the prices pretty steep. It is even argued that uniforms are more expensive than regular clothes. A uniform also includes expensive jackets or blazers and dress shoes which are very costly. Uniforms also limit self-expression and teenagers in particular cannot express their tastes the way they want through fashion. Their individuality is not expressed and school is already controlling enough with making them think the same without their clothing being controlled as well. It can even be argued that uniforms are sexist as not all girls want to wear traditionally feminine clothes like skirts instead of pants and this can lead to resentment towards the administration and in the future might even lead to problems. In today’s world especially, with an increase in teenagers not defining themselves by gender and experimenting with their identity, uniforms can pose as a threat to their identity. Students have ended up resenting the uniform they were forced to wear due to their identities not being taken seriously as many transgender students are forced to wear the uniform of the gender they no longer identify as. Uniforms are also a focal point for the administration and they enforce it strictly. This way, the attention is taken of the actual studying and rather, students are put under the limelight for all the wrong reasons. It students are sent home because of the strict enforcement of a perfect uniform, they miss out on attending lectures and this hinders their study time. Even for the administration of the school, trying to enforce the uniform on students is a particularly hard task because it cannot be done time and time again. Students use clothing to express their stance on various social causes also and this freedom is taken away as a result of uniforms being made compulsory. Students at a particular school were not allowed to wear pink shirts to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month and because of this 75 students received in-school suspensions for breaking the school's uniform restrictions. All these suspensions did was increase resentment and take away valuable time the students could have used to complete homework or study. Uniforms strongly discourage diversity as well.

Author Bio: Patricia Grays, a high school teacher wrote this article. She has been proposing Expert Assignment Help Online to the undergraduates for last four years. She is also loving about writing travel and has been to most of the American states.

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A pattern of a uniform can be black or grey pant with a white button down shirt and an exact dense colored coat in the winter. Get more about therighttolearn.net. It is supposed that uniforms are old-fashioned back to the sixteenth century and uniforms are now utilized in a specialized setting or for the members of a group or club.
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