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If you're not certain what to make of "Fortnite

By: rsgoldfastcom
Posted in: RS

If you're not certain what to make of "Fortnite," the fortnite materials videogaming phenomenon that is becoming shorthand for battle-royale gaming, perhaps it might help to consider it like Netflix.That's since while Netflix (NFLX) has grown into one of the main ways people consume video, according to a Monday notice by analysts at Wedbush, it is essentially moved them from 1 tool for doing this to another.

"The emergence of Netflix didn't kill off television viewership, but served to enlarge general consumption of content that was filmed while shooting some modest share from broadcast television viewing," they wrote. "Similarly, we think that Fortnite has increased the overall gaming audience, while partially cannibalizing engagement in other games."

The battle royale genre, that has boomed in wikipedia the U.S. over the last several months, has led videogame industry investors to question what effect games such as "Fortnite"--free to play with in-game purchases--may have on traditional titles purchased as one-offs or via subscription.

In the most bearish instance, it's massive upheaval. In the favorable, it's bringing more players in--and providing big-name publishers a new potential revenue stream.