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Making ES buy The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold

By: Rskingdom
Posted in: games

And what are the errors? Making ES buy The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold as a cash taking game? That is an obvious thing, at which stage did you think it wasn't about money earning? And of course Bethesda isn't the first neither the only one who has released games in this way, nothing new or unique in this case. Fallout 76"issues"? Don't understand , I beta tested it and played it and did not see even quarter as many reasons to complain about it, because unlike many complainers, I actually paid attention when Bethesda was talking about The Elder Scrolls Blades before it had been published, especially that it is not an RPG, it is an internet service type of sport, and a lot more details. Lo and behold, it had been all of that but somehow so a lot of people apparently missed it and started yelling about it. My only difficulty with the launching was that The Elder Scrolls Blades code I obtained from Amazon did not work, so I needed to return that and get a new code.

Other then that, game functioned well, I had no problems with servers, no lag, no crashes along with very few bugs. Sure, I wasn't pleased with some design choices Bethesda created (such as, no NPC city's /resolutions, no faction camps, etc) but other then that, I knew what The Elder Scrolls Blades is all about and it was OK. So no, Bethesda is quite fine, they're nowhere close"being ruined" crap and such. Their"monetization tries" in cellular games are not nothing new neither devised by these, these things are as outdated as mobile games are. And here's especially shocking news - ALL games created by ALL organizations are made to find MONEY. Not a single match company makes those games to make players happy. They spend tens or hundreds of millions into creating those matches, so that they can earn back tens of thousands or hundreds of times more cash, at least.

Unfortunately there are countless over 30 year-old brainless idiots playing Candy Crush and titles like this and paying money. Those are not players, and mobile games aren't made for players. You have to comprehend that. No one produces a mobile game for players. It is ESOM Gold bad enough phone firms took out removable batteries.