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You couldn't cast wow classic gold

By: Rskingdom
Posted in: games

Things on servers are not the same. 1) You couldn't cast wow classic gold sunder armor when a rogue used vulnerable armor, messing up using the tank's threat. 2) A LOT of dinosaurs in 5 man dungeons were resistant to stuns, while in private servers you can stun almost everything. 3) Collecting stones were actually a down water LFG tool, introduced patch 1.3. 4) RNG was shifting between Gaussian, plain and statistical RNG, based on the dungeon and limitation. Example would be the loot table script, which has been altered to provide more stream line items, preventing getting 20 warlock things in one run of MC.

I wish to confirm how weapon ability functioned to personal servers. I know for true that many private servers such as elysium intentionally altered the mechanisms with weapon skill to decrease the huge gap between +4 weapon skill and +5 in order to make it more linear (you'd essentially gain like 3% hit from 304 to 305 weapon skill when fighting a boss). In general, excellent video however this was the only thing I believe you missed this is a topic among server communities.

I played with so I know mob spawn type/level/name and all herb/mine/quest location vanilla beta, vanilla, rerolled on all server. Therefore I know that servers that are private are only about 20% similar to vanilla. Almost all mining and plant vein place are not where they were, many lacking and several additional location (do not know why they havent used gatherer databases for location and type), their kind also different and the"infrequent" vein spawn mechanism is non existent (fixed gold or truesilver etc. location even tought in vanilla almost any mithril iron and these had a percent chance to spawn their rare equal ), pursuit item locations are all different (for instance tanaris Gahz'ridian ornament things near ogres have a different location on ground and lots of missing), about 80% of cheap classic wow gold the mobs spawn at another location, have different motion paths. On servers they generally respawn exactly the same lvl and kind their amount was usually random + / - 1 level, In vanilla.