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Deadbolt lock is slightly different

By screwpipeclamptop, 2019-08-23
In order to open one, you must have the correct key.  These are not as commonly seen in homes unless high security is needed.  The reason these are so great for doors with glass insets is that even if someone were to punch through the glass, they could still not unlock the door without the key.  Single cylinder deadbolt locks are most commonly seen on front doors to offices and homes.  Without the correct key, the deadbolt will stay in the locked position.  Rather than a normal spring loaded lock, an auxiliary lock usually has no spring.  The most common type of auxiliary lock is the deadbolt.  These are most commonly seen on storage units, confidential spaces and doors that have glass insets.  To ensure safety in your home or office, we recommend having a trained  New York locksmith  in your area install one for you.  A deadbolt is usually installed on a front door of a home or office.  This allows you to only have to use the key when unlocking the door from the outside.  We hope this summary of auxiliary locks has helped you better understand what types of locks are being used on your own home or office.  I bet you can see one right now.  If you want to lock or unlock the door from either side, you must use the appropriate key.   
New York Locksmith Company is the best choice for all your locksmith needs.  Unlike the single cylinder deadbolt lock, a double cylinder lock requires a key on both sides of the door.  
An auxiliary lock is any https://www.zj-hardware.com/product/screw/double-screw/ Double screw Manufacturers in China lock installed on an interior or exterior door that gives you additional security on top of the lock that is already installed on the door.  Once inside the home or office, you simply turn the switch to the setting you desire. Our highly trained technicians will help assist you in choosing the best brand and style for anything you need to keep safe.  Because of this, they are much more difficult to jimmy open.  Let our professional locksmiths explain to you exactly what an auxiliary lock is.  There is no thumb switch attached.
These are not the only types of auxiliary locks, but they are by far the most commonly seen.  They are also sometimes installed on porch doors for added security. 
The most common types of auxiliary locks are the single cylinder and double cylinder deadbolts.  You will probably be surprised at what one is once we explain it to you.  They usually have a heavier core and moves slower.  
A double cylinder deadbolt lock is slightly different.  On the inside of the door, there is a simple thumb switch.) October 3, 2012 - You are probably not aware of what an auxiliary lock is, but you most likely have one on one of the doors in your home or office.  These locks give the homeowner an extra feeling of security.  They involve having a key lock on the outside in order to lock and unlock them. Here at our company we carry a large variety of locks for all purposes.
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