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About SmokeSystem

SMOKESYSTEM [ Poland/Irl ]
Dj, promoter. He started his adventure with reggae in 2001. Since 2003 he was a former resident of friday's events in Błędne Kolo club in Cracow for next 6 years every friday sessions with Bumpin'Bass Crew.
2009-2011 he was a resident of few clubs in Krakow where he was still promoting reggae & dub jungle culture.
One of main founders of dub project called SmokeDaCrack.OFF

December 2011 he started with his new project DUBEAT where on ninth editions he was inviting: Jah Free, Wiggle, Radikal Guru, WorldBassCulture, Zebra, Roots Revival, Joint Venture, Aldub, Prince Jamo, Ras Bass.
youtu.be/4kGtB3tTBxU -
Every week in summer time 2012 he was organizing and producing live reggae jam session with Krakow Reggae Band on canal boat in Krakow:

Krakow Reggae Band

Since end of 2012 he moved to Cork / Ireland where he was orgenize few local Dubeat sessions with guests like Paul fox or Prince jamo again, and World bass culture crew
In 2018 he was hostin radio show in Play 87.9 FM where he was playin world wide selection.
Well known for his very wide musical interests: from ska, reggae and dub through latin influenced club music, gypsies dubs to ragga-jungle vibes!
Creator of mystical musical experience.
Dub in Blood / Gypsy in Heart / Junglist in Mind.

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