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This eliminates the need for

By: titletimer
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One machine that every office can use is a professional-grade laminator. There a lot of them to choose from and one of the better ones is the Royal Sovereign NR-901. This is a device that can provide you with high-quality results while also being easy to operate. Here are the details about this machine. Check them out.   The details:     The NR-901 has a feed opening that's 9 inches wide so you'll be able to laminate both letter- and legal-sized documents. You can also use it to process smaller items such as business cards and name badges. This machine warms up pretty quickly: it will be ready for use in just 3 minutes. It can process a document that's 11 inches long Bottle Preform mold in less than a minute so you'll be able to finish your work in a flash. This laminator has both hot and cold settings so you'll be able to use both thermal and pressure-sensitive pouches. You can use pouches as thin as 3 mil or as thick as 10 depending on what your document needs. Since the NR-901 has a cold setting, you'll be able to work with such thermally sensitive items as photographs, color copies, and anything that was printed with ink-jet ink. This eliminates the need for a cold laminator so you'll save both space and money. The NR-901 is really easy to use.

To operate it, all you really need to do is select the right temperature and then feed your document into the machine. It doesn't get much easier than that. Whenever you use the NR-901, your documents are going to look great because this machine has four rollers. Each item will look like it was professionally laminated and will be free of imperfections such as bubbles. This laminator doesn't require the use of a carrier, so you'll be able to skip a step in the process. However, using a carrier would be a good idea just so your machine doesn't become dirty or damaged thanks to the adhesive that can seep out of your pouches. Although this machine has a lot of great features, it's missing two key things: a reverse mode and automatic shut-off.

The lack of a reverse mode means that dealing with pouch jams will be difficult, unfortunately. And no automatic shut-off means you'll have to remember to shut the device off yourself unless you want the motor to overheat. This device isn't too large or too small. It has dimensions of 17.7" (width) x 10.0" (depth) x 6.1" (height) so finding space for it should be too difficult. It's also fairly light and only weighs about 8 pounds so moving it will be a snap.       The verdict:     Overall, the Royal Sovereign NR-901 is a great laminator, despite its lack of a reverse mode and automatic shut-off feature. It's very easy to use, produces great results, and is compatible with pouches of varying thicknesses. So long as you're okay with the missing features, this is one laminator that would be a welcome addition to your office.