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2017 offers to be a big year for Path of Exile

By: vkmoon
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There's now just one difficulty mode this means six new Acts (ten if you're an new player) chock-full of fun new content are free of charge and yours for your taking! It also means the finish game content, The Atlas of Worlds, is more accessible.

While we'll need to wait till “mid-year” (the exact date is TBD) to the expansion, come March 3 we'll have plenty to remain busy using the release of the modern Legacy League.

Legacy lets players access all seventeen previous leagues with League Stones found during the entire game. So if you've spent recent years lamenting that you piece of mmoah seasonal gear you missed out on, next week you can finally obtain it.

2017 offers to be a big year for Path of Exile, starting March 3 while using launch of the company's new Legacy League and The Fall of Oriath's closed beta a long time in April or early May. (Details re: ways to get into the closed beta will still be forthcoming.)

After that, its mid-year launch on Xbox One, its biggest expansion ever, as well as its Chinese release. With all this inside the works, Path of Exile proves it's moved beyond POE Trade Diablo II for being its own distinctive label of RPG; what type with mass appeal and endurance.

For more info about Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath, go to the official Path of Exile website.