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Get Into the Holiday Spirit with New Path of Exile Microtransactions

By: vkmoon
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For those trying to bring just a little holiday cheer into Path of Exile, GGG has you covered with the arrival of varied new microtransactions. Arctic Wings, the Arctic Character Effect along with the Yeti Mask, a Christmas Exclusive have arrived.

For more typical microtransactions, the mmoah Lunaris Armor Set, the Ghostflame Back Attachment, the Hydra Back Attachment, the as well as the Golden Parakeet Pet are also released. You can see each one of these in action HERE.

Essence Crafting Developer Q&A, Breach League Design & More

With last week's big announcement onĀ Cheap POE Orbs the next major Path of Exile update, The Breach, it is a lot to talk about on this week's The Exiled Tribune. The team took the time to share with you Essence as being a core game and crafting mechanic, took part in a live stream to communicate bout the Breach League's design and skills and many more. We also have a developer Q&A to discuss the significant aspects of The Breach that you could check out below.