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Path of Exile in combo with gloves

By: vkmoon
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Check your link above and make sure to submit your entry just before October 10th.

The Latest Build on the Week

The latest Build from the Week caters to those who wish to wield the power with the elements. Hitman47 has established a fantastic video to show off the BurningWarp Elementalist Witch that may be laying waste for the Standard League with fiery abandon.

I've carried this out build forĀ Cheap POE Currency entertainment, to farm fast maps and prophecies, has really insane clear speed, start a pack and pack burn and die.. for better single target i take advantage of lvl 26 flameblast in Wyrmisgn gloves.

2x Singularity because enemies are usually hindered; double curse flammability and warolord's mark, last one provide you with leech and, in combo with gloves, offer you rampage => more fast andĀ mmoah funny. Nothing more to state, take pleasure in the video

The video provides a visual representation in the build and you may also look at the BurningWarp Elementalist forum post to acquire a peek at gear, the passive skill tree and much more.

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