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Game Path of Exile Mechanics Q&A Round Up

By: vkmoon
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The Path of Exile team has now started a thread about game mechanics where players can find out of the gameplay programmers. From time to time, a locate of all those questions is posted that answers a boatload of which. In the latest posting about the PoE site, tons are answered on topics as wide-ranging as if there is usually a technical limit to DPS, if Arctic Armor Reduce can reflect fire damage, strongbox queries, whether there's a taunt cooldown period and others.

Is there a technical limit to DPS?

There is often a technical limit to your https://www.mmoah.com/ visible DPS using a skill popup, on account of that being saved in an integer variable. There is usually a technical limit within the amount of damage certain hit can deal (same dealio), but to my knowledge not only a technical limit about the number of times you can hit a target in the second, so I do not believe you will find there's technical limit on actual DPS dealt to Buy POE Currency some specific enemy.

There happens to be a mechanical limit to DPS, since there are limits regarding how high the values of stats you can acquire from passives/gear/etc. There is some theoretical "best DPS" build that might exist with perfect gear, that might have more DPS than any actually possible build. This limit is really a lot below where any technical limitation would occur on actual damage.