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Related to the Path of Exile event

By: vkmoon
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Some Quick Tips to Help You Get Going!

Record with Plays.tv, or some different and upload with Plays.tv
One the Plays.tv client
Go to Settings > Folders
OBS & Shadowplay

Clicking "Auto Sync" should automatically sync with OBS & Shadowplay
Everything else
Click "Find Folder.

Select Raptr and then click https://www.mmoah.com/ the "Add Now" button
Select any folder with videos inside it and you should do great to go
How to discuss your, or others' videos: (Note: This is not in connection with the event, just tips on how to talk about the content you create.

On Social media/community sites, Use Cheap POE Orbs the "Share" choices on any Plays.tv video page. For example:
On Reddit: Use the "Share" options and select Reddit on the list.

Embed Plays.tv videos around the official Path of Exile forums
Use this code.