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Sacrifice of Vaal Path of Exile Mini-Expansion Coming March 5th

By: vkmoon
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The Path of Exile site may be updated with a brand new post around the forthcoming mini-expansion, Sacrifice of Vaal. The content update is anticipated to hit live service on March 5th and definately will feature an expansion of the sport world along with, as being the post indicates, setĀ https://www.mmoah.com/ the pace for similar updates to come every four months.

Sacrifice on the Vaal Expansion Preview

Most significantly, Sacrifice of Vaal will expand the action's lore. Devs decide to tease out more information over the coming 2 weeks.

Click the picture below to check out theĀ Cheap POE Currency lore behind Sacrifice of Vaal before visiting the Path of Exile site.

Last fall, I met using the guys from Grinding Gears games shortly before they launched their hit online action RPG, Path of Exile.