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Path of Exile as llrf Guardian

By: vkmoon
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Pretty suprised that guardian didn't get nerfed when it comes to mana reservation to es.

Hope the suitable items will get a nerf though as llrf Guardian just nullifies a great deal content already which will only help it become stronger...

I play a typical llrf guardian and I do not believe my ES is just too high by any means.

It's not just like you can depend uponĀ https://www.mmoah.com/ instant life flasks, which means that your ES pool has to be larger to allow it to be fair.

GGG nerfed ES so faithfully this is actually the only ES build I've done ever since the nerf.

The other one ended up so bad I threw inĀ Cheap POE Currency the towel on it. So if anything, they need to come up with strategies to buff ES then it becomes more viable to more builds without turning it into overpowered again.

Surprise us!

Break with tradition and reveal the Scion's ascendancy changes now rather than being a final reveal mid-next week in the end the others.

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