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Forza Horizon 4 as the mood in the game

By: vkmoon
Posted in: Forza Horizon 4

The player needs to head towards the east coast in the main game's Britain-y map to look at a hovercraft to your intimidating cliffs of Fortune Island.

Once there, they're treated with a familiar race to your Cheap FH4 Credits festival site, with on and off-road sections and a lot of opportunities to crash through shipwrecks and leap off ridges.

So far, so we've-seen-it-already.

But then, wow: thunder, lightning, as well as Forza Horizon 4 Credits the mood in the game totally changes.

'Forza 4' will often have its seasons, using the map shifting from snow-covered fields to in-bloom beauty using the a healthy dose of British drizzle.

That may be spectacular, but that is something else.