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Mr. Lao She hated the hen at first

By: ylq
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Mr. Lao She hated the hen at first because it was called endlessly Newport Cigarettes Price, but then he changed his view of the hen because he found the hen to be very responsible Marlboro Gold, loving, hard, and great, so he not only no longer hates hens. Also think that it is a hero. "The Hen" is a masterpiece written by Lao She, expressing the praise of the mother's love. The first half wrote the hen's disease-free, bullying and hard-working, and the second half wrote the hen's responsibility, love, courage and hardship, shaping the image of a "great mother." As a result, Lao She��s feelings for hens turned from disgust to respect.nsible chicken mother! Since it has a group of chicks, as soon as it hears a little noise, it immediately warns and gathers the chickens to come to it. It is ready to fight for the rest of its children. If there are other big cocks to grab food, it must take the initiative to drive them far, even the big cd incompetent hen have such courage? Oh, it turns out that its courage comes from maternal love! Maternal love is so great that the mother of the chicken is desperate to protect its children Marlboro Cigarettes Online.order to protect his children, a mother supported the collapsed wall with her weak body on her knees, and kept her child's living space. At the last moments of life, don't forget to tell your child with your mobile phone: Children, if you are still alive Newport Cigarettes, remember that your mother loves you.ine, wandering on the clothes Parliament Cigarettes. The front line is tightly sealed, and the intention is delayed. Whoever speaks the hea children all the time. We must redouble our efforts to learn in the future. When we grow up, we will repay our mothers and make the world full of happiness and happiness. Today, I read "Heaven and Hell" on the volume. This story is mainly about selfishness and selflessness. I have read this story and I have benefited a lot. I used to be a little selfish. However, after reading this story, I have sincerely improved my selfish shortcomings. Once I donated, I want to give my father my mother 100 yuan and donate it to the classmate. But my dad said that I was stupid, my mother would donate 20 yuan. Later, I grinded my mom for half a day and gave me 20 yuan. If we donate more money, mayby without selfishness. There is no violence in our world, no hatred. Everyone can be happy. You help me, I help you, we will live better. Selfishness and selflessness are regardless of age. Just look at your heart is light, or evil. Each of us must not be blinded by the darkness, to fight against selfishness, and to make friends with selflessness. Your friends will be more and more, help others, and others will help you.