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Reading "Harvard Family Training

By: ylq
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Reading "Harvard Family Training" with a scent of ink, it seems that there is a wand that clicks on me. I suddenly open my mind, and my thoughts are like a silver fish. I play and grow in the clear stream, and I get my own happiness. ___Introduction summer, I came to the seashore of Shenzhen, blue, lying on the beach, touching every grain of sand with my hand, and that little story came to my eyes How Much Is A Carton Of Newports.long time ago, there was a cultivator who wanted to cultivate one of the world's largest and most beautiful pearls. went to the sea to ask for a few pieces of sand. The sand that was asked was shaking his head and said that he didn't want to Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. When the lover was desperate, there was a sand to agree. The sand next to it laughed at it and said it was too stupid.ter a few years, the sand has grown into a priceless, crystal-clear pearl. And its companions, some are still ordinary sand on the beach, and some have turned into dust.looked at the sand and took a tribute to the sand that became a pearl. Going to live in the hustle and bustle, away from the warmth of friends and relatives, seeing the sun, the rain, the bright moon, the breeze... can only be associated with darkness, dampness, cold, and loneliness, but in the end it has become the most beautiful pearl. which successful person has no long bitterness behind it? When the compassionate people walked into the tunnel, no one knew whether the road ahead was bright or dark. There were a large number of people who cringed, afraid of this gloomy tunnel, all the efforts were lost, only those brave, persistent, persistent. People have ushered in the dawn of success. At that time you have changed from an ugly duckling to a white swan Marlboro Menthol 100S, with a charming aura and beautiful everything.er the rain is always in the wind and rain, which successful person is not relying on the inexhaustible efforts to get the fruit of harvest? Sylvester. Stallone had suffered 1,850 rejections and eventually became the hero of "Rocky"; "The Prince of Mathematics" Gauss used an all-night thinking movement to solve a math problem with a history of more than 2,000 years; "Iron Lady" relied on Tenacious perseverance and unremitting efforts became the first female prime minister in the UK Cigarettes Online. Looking back on the past, in the chapter of history, a glorious deed of a bitter person is a singer of life, after a melody, back to modern Marlboro Lights, since they can create the future from this essay, so that I can understand the success Sincerely, I have been deeply inspired.ire, let me stand on the starting line of the road to success