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Recently I was a little an

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Recently I was a little annoyed, a little annoyed, a little annoying..." I sang a song while looking for a review paper to back. Why am I so annoying? This is not because of the examthe saying goes: "Test, test, test, the teacher's magic weapon; points, points, points, the student's life root." Now there are not only mid-term, final exams, but also monthly exams, quizzes and other exams, many orders We are stunned and helpless. Especially now, because we have to take the exam, the teacher looks very tight. The language is based on rote memorization. This is not. The reciting test paper floats like a snowflake to us, my back, my back, my back. Hey, the things in my head are already packed too much Newport Short Cigareetes. It seems that as long as you add more, you will exceed the load and explode. No way, who knows what kind of questions will be given to the test papers? Therefore, we had to "take all the orders". The math is still good, but the formula is wrong, and a dozen points may be completely goodbye with you. The English language is almost the same, and it is much easier to carry it back. But sometimes at the crucial moment of the exam, all the hard-working things are not forgotten, but the brain is in chaos, and the letters are in the wrong order.he exam is not only about the door to be more than ninety, but also to compare with others, whether their achievements are better than others. Most of the parents are eager to win, and all of them are on the highest score of each door. When the exam comes home, the first question is the score of the child, and the second is the highest score of the class. The first class in the whole class, parents naturally open their eyes and smile, and they have to wait a little longer than the first one: "The others are so high, you can't? The same teacher, the same learning environment, how big is the gap between you and others?" Newport Cigs Cheap......" After the teaching, I began to recall the sweetness of thinking. "I want to be able to go to school in the past. I have to look after my brother and sister when I go home. I still have enough food. You, ah? It��s not good to cherish Duty Free Cigs Fast Delivery, than We don��t know how many times we want to be happy.�� In this way, we are more than half an hour Marlboro 100'S Carton. As a result, the current child has also become a "penalty of the gods", standing for more than half an hour without moving, the legs will not numb. This is the only result that parents have taught to teach dry mouth.m, annoying! I really hope to solve the annoying problem of the exam earlier.y morning, my father sullenly yelled at me on the bed: "Small boy, you have to fight measles vaccine next week!" Isn't it just trying to remind me to get up? Why do you fool people with amazement, in fact, I have been cheated by my father N times. that when I arrive at the school, the small blackboard actually posted a notice of vaccination on Wednesday, and I am somewhat guilty. Those timid girls screamed, Yan Yiyi was even more frowning, and kept saying: "Oh, this is finished!" "Dream of Red Mansions" said that women are made of water, and sure enough, they met. Small things are going to cry, and the big men are not familiar with them! Who knows, Liu Jiahui, the "slaves and bones", "slammed" in front of Ren Guyang, posing a cry: "Renxia, ??save a life, win a seven-level floating squad, you are merciful, just for me." A shot! I invite you to KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Hut..." I listened, smiled contemptuously Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Free Shipping, thinking: "Hey, man, how can you be afraid of injections?" Still worthy of the title of "big masters"?ds. My aunt gave me a big toothpick with a toothpick last time. The doctor should not use the stuff to get an injection! Before I thought about it, "Big White" has come. Everyone hurriedly lined upstairs, and a strong potion smell went straight into the nostrils. I immediately lost the courage of twelve points. Teacher Wang also ordered the door to be closed. I couldn't help but think: This is but the meat buns hit the dog - there is no return, only the learning of Xiang Yu's "breaking the boat"! I can't help but think about it. The previous class has already been finished. The doctor greeted us in the past, and the heart was even more "squeaky", the classroom was very quiet, and even the sound of each other could feel it! It was the turn of the "Nail Superman" Ding Chao who was in front of me. He rolled up his sleeves and went forward with great guilt. He was quite a bit "sweet for the country." I stared intently at his arm, the needle stuck in, and Ding Chao did not res Dazhao", as if to say: "Hey, boy, you are so fine and tender, and you are almost like Tang Yan!" I quickly said: "Doctor uncle. You will raise your hand and let me go!" I only heard the doctor gently say to me: "Little classmate, it��s okay, just like being bitten by an ant." I was busy turning my head and thinking about Guan Yu. The problem of scraping the bones and treating the poison is constantly courageous. "Bai Daxie" first wiped my arm with an alcohol cotton ball, and a cool face rushed, my heart hangs on the eyes of my throat. When the needle was "squeaky", I felt a slight tingling, and then it was a cool sighents talked and laughed, Zhu Qi shook the empty sleeves and shouted: "Wu Nai Yang is Yang Daxia is also! Who is coming, not to squat!" Everyone can't help but listen. However, even the plain has been serious, I can not help but laugh and scream. "Quick mouth" Yang Jie retorted: "Yang is breaking the right arm, you can't do anything about it!" Zhu Qi also argued: "I am over Yang, alrd: I am not afraid of injections!