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Drum and Bass Download

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Drum and Bass Download

Drum and Bass Download

Welcome to our exclusive drum and bass download music website,

buy music, free choppage,Jungle Drum and Bass Download mp3 jungle dubplates for DJs.

We have a growing number of MP3`s and digital dubplates for download.

Many Dj` are on the lookout for exclusive dubplates to play on thier set , This site caters for just that

We also have a essential selection of free mp3 and samples for download there are many drum and bass artists on board.


we have a growing number of exclusives ready for djs and music producers



Exclusive Drum and Bass Dubplates on mp3 for download See some of the latest dubs inside Below.

These are our latest Dubplates


A drum and bass Dubplate is an exclusive mix played by many djs on the circuit ,ajungle dubplate Dubplate or special, is an exclusive version of a piece of music, usually (re-)recorded by a Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, or Chutney artist for a West Indian or Caribbean Sound System. Although CD is now the preferred format for these recordings, the use of the word "Dubplate" (commonly abbreviated "dub", particularly in the Drum & Bass scene) to describe them has survived.

These recordings are often used for competing in a sound clash, in which rival reggae or soca sound systems compete with each other to produce the most imaginative or unusual dubplate specials. The exclusivity of the recording is made evident by changes to the usual lyrics to include the name of the sound system that has commissioned the recording, often remarking on the prowess of the sound system in question, and sometimes the weaknesses of the opposing sound system(s) in a given competition.

Dubplate Specials are an essential tool in a sound clash - the more exclusive the better - but they also form an intrinsic part of the Reggae industry. A notable example is the special of "No, No, No (You Don't Love Me)" recorded by Dawn Penn for a number of sound systems in the early nineties. The special recorded for Saxon Studio International sound system replaced the lyrics "No, no, no, you don't love me..." with "No, no, no, can't test Saxon", referring to the invincibility of the sound system. The song became an international hit, and Dawn Penn endorsed several other sound systems with the same lyrics and continued to do so for many year


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