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How to Throw an Amazing Jungle Themed Birthday Party

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How to Throw an Amazing Jungle Themed Birthday Party

You know you are throwing somebody a jungle birthday party, but now what? It can be as simple or as involved as you would like. Decide first of all how complex you want it to be, and then go from there. If you are completely stumped, here are a few ideas:

Use brown paper bags, and cut them into thick strips, then twist them into 'vines'. Tape them together to make them as long or as short as you wish. Add a few paper cut out leaves to the vines and put a few on the walls. String them all about your party area, criss crossing them from ceiling to wall back and forth.
Place real or silk plants in groups all around and in corners to imitate the jungle flora. Concentrate on making areas of thick jungle.
Put cut out elephant or tiger 'tracks' on the floor or ground, leading people where you want traffic to go. Maybe outside, leading up to your door, or inside where the kids have to discover the animals on a safari.
Give your jungle some animal life. Stuffed animals can be hiding in the trees and bushes, or along the 'river bank'.
Get some pith helmets and scarves for everyone to wear while they are in your jungle.
Pick up a CD of background jungle music. Monkeys howling and parrots squawking or a soft rain falling. This will really set the mood and get things rolling.
Cover your tables with blue plastic tablecloths for water, or green for the overall theme. Place plastic ants and insects crawling here and there. Get a map and plaster it on the wall to show where in the world this deepest darkest jungle is.
Use an animal pinata or a box for the 'treasure' at the end of the expedition filled with sweets and toys for the kids to enjoy.
Brown paper bags with party favors in them of plastic animals and little binoculars can be passed out after the food and games are finished.
Food can be as simple as celery filled with peanut butter and raisins for ants on a log, and some carrot sticks and popcorn. Make a caterpillar cake and decorate it with black licorice whips. Mix up some jungle juice of pineapple or coconut and orange. Or, you can use your imagination and come up with your own unique foods.
Whatever your jungle themed party looks like, it doesn't have to be perfect. Make it your own, and create a place where all animal children can have a fun time for a few hours. There are plenty of ideas out there, stop by a party store to pick up your supplies.

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