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How to Create Jungle Beats Using Online Services

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Using an online service and their sequencer software can be a great way to get amazing Jungle rhythms for you music project. All you need to do is know what constitutes a basic jungle beat and how to alter it to make it unique in order to create a fantastic, personalized, professional quality jungle beat!

The basic beat structure of many jungle rhythms is placing and accent on the one, two, the "and of the three, and four. Alternating a low and high pitched sound on these accents is also typical. To compose your first jungle beat, try placing a strong bass drum sound on the one and the one and the "and" of the three and a higher pitched sound, preferably a snare, on the two and the four. Hit playback and see what you have to get the feel for where the accents fall and why they make that jungle sound.

Next try add some more sounds or increase the number of times your bass drum sounds in the track. Placing another bass drum on the "and" of the one or before the "and" of the three, for instance, can fill out the rhythm without losing the accents you creating initially. Try the same with the snare, again making sure to keep the accents strong. See how crazy you can make the rhythm without overpowering that jungle feel. Another approach is to make the sequence extremely long and fill many of the beats, creating a balance between repeating sounds and alternating sounds. Jungle, especially when it branches out into dark step or hard step, will increase the business of the rhythm and keep dancers guessing, all while making it semi-predictable in that they can keep moving to reoccurring strong accents. An example would be (S=snare, BD=bass drum) BD, BD, S, BD, S, BD, S, S, S, BD, BD, BD, S, S, BD, BD, S, BD, S, BD, and so forth.

Consider, too, that using a sequencer you will have repeating patterns eventually, so merging patterns, or extending sparse patterns into fuller ones, and adding sounds over top of a rhythm can enhance and expand your idea to create an even more interesting track. Using bass sounds, for instance, placing them in strong beats over top of the jungle beats can make a great track. Alternately, making a jungle style rhythm with bass sounds then pinned in down with strong beat simple drum sounds can be extremely effective too. Even using both full drum patterns with a busy full pattern bass guitar can create a unique, experimental track surprisingly without clutter.

All you have to do is find an online service, sign up, and get started. There are a few online beat making services out there currently. I personally like using Sonic Producer. They offer professional and concise tutorials and lessons. If you want to find out more about it, check out this review by going here: Sonic Producer Review

Good luck and have fun!

William Connor, Percussionist and Ethnomusicology Ph.D. candidate London, England and Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

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