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Venetian Snares - From Drum & Bass to Classical - The Future of Electronic Music

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Venetian Snares - From Drum & Bass to Classical - The Future of Electronic Music

Venetian Snares is an electronic music project of Canadian musician Aaron Funk, who is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Funk is one of the foremost names in breakcore and electronic music today and has released dozens of albums since his official debut on a record label in 1999 with the release of the vinly "Greg Hates Car Culture" (although he had been self-releasing music since 1992).

When Mike Paradinas (of the IDM project μ-Ziq), head of the record label Planet µ, stumbled upon a Venetian Snares vinyl in a music store in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he contacted Aaron immediately and signed him to his label. Besides Planet µ, Aaron has released music on a variety of record labels including Hymen Records, Sublight Records and Zhark International. In addition to Venetian Snares, Funk also has a number of other pseudonyms and side projects, such as Last Step and Vsnares, among others.

Venetian Snares is renowned for precise and meticulous drum programming and the use of amusing media samples at high BPMs and often uncommon time signatures (such as 7/4). Funk composes most of his music on trackers, which are music sequencers that typically arrange samples and notes into a vertical timeline. Some of Funk's preferred trackers include MED Soundstudio (a Windows port of OctaMED) and Renoise. Prior to 1999, Aaron's music was predominately composed on the original OctaMED running on an Amiga 500.

As of 2010, Venetian Snares is still an active project and continues to tour internationally and release new material. Currently, the most recent release is the album "My So-Called Life," most of whose tracks were allegedly composed in around a day each.

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