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Why I Love Listening to Complete DJ Sets:Peco Manuzi

user image 2011-01-05
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I don't know about you, but I love downloading the latest complete DJ sets to listen to while I'm on my way to work or at the gym. They are great because they are not individual mp3 files but rather multiple mp3 files mixed into one long mp3 track. Its great to listen to if you don't want to browse through your music on your mp3 player each time you want to listen to another song. You can just press play and listen to your complete DJ set without any interruptions. Most sets/mixes last from 30 minutes up to anything as long as 8 hours! This is why they are so convenient to listen to, just press play, sit back and enjoy.

Complete DJ sets are also a fantastic way to discover new music. A DJ is someone who blends two or more songs together to create a 'set' or 'mix'. So a DJ is in charge of what music goes into the sets they record and share on the internet. This is what makes listening to complete DJ sets so great. There is a good chance you will come across a few songs the DJ has included in their set that you have never heard before.

Most DJ's include a tracklist with their set/mix so you can always find the name and artist of a particular song you like and buy a copy for yourself. Did I forget to mention that you can listen and download these complete DJ sets for free. The biggest DJs in the world share their DJ mixes with fans all the time and amatuer DJs do the same. They never charge people for this, its a great way to showcase some of their own material or promote their record label/club night etc, or just because they love sharing great music with other people.

Peco is an avid DJ and member of http://www.beatplexity.com where he and many other DJs upload and shares their complete DJ sets for free.

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