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Junglist History Lesson

user image 2018-08-06
By: admin
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Yes peeps its time for a hardcore jungle history lesson

For those who don’t know this track playing was on one of my early releases whitehouse records .

Whitehouse records was one of the most iconic hardcore labels out there.as far as I know It was  born out of a distribution company called mows music machine.

Mos music machine was a major player in the distribution of early hardcore / junglealong side basement distribution, jump start , shell shock and SRD.

Back in the day the future of hardcore solely relied on the djs that played the music on pirate radio and at the major underground clubs.

Back in the day we did not have the internet , social media Facebook, soundcloud   to promote our music.To promote tracks back then it was all about  who you knew and which dis you could get to play your music.

Tunes were promoted  on pirate radio and in the clubs and music was even promoted through the record shops..

Due to the huge amount of releases available DJS  had so many tracks to choose from weekly so  they had to be very selective as the majority of DJS  were only booked to play for a 1 - 2 hour set .

which means hundreds of tunes back in the day were left un heard and not even promoted.

The science EP was one of my first releases to show a real buzz and brings back lots of good memories and also had a few follow ups.

I hope you have enjoyed this insite   into my small piece of retro music  history.

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