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Biog Collection

By Choppah Sound, 2010-03-26

★ BIZZY B!!!! ★
- brain records - Whitehouse - Suburban Base - warp -

Bizzy B undoubtedly produced some of the best and ruffest hardcore tunes between 1992 & 1994. His clever use of samples led to his unmistakable style of manic sample chopping and pitch shifting and was a sure fire way of getting the ravers dancing in clubs all over the land. His tunes are unrivalled. For anybody wanting raw no nonsense oldskool hardcore and jungle this is the producer for you!

- Dollar, White House, Kemet, labbello blanco and Suburban Base

REMARC is widely proclaimed to be "king of the Amen" and “ a pioneer of ragga jungle” due to his chopped up tracks for legendary labels, the majority of these tunes were compiled alongside previously unreleased dubplates for a two volume retrospective released by Planet Mu. The re-releases of these classics soon moved as many units if not more than a successful drum n bass release proving that REMARC and the Jungle sound is still an unstoppable force in the game. It also introduced him to the world of other electronic music and a new generation of Jungalists and amen mashers, ultimately steering him away from the "typical" drum and bass scene and building a dedicated 2nd fan base. WE C@NT WAIT FOR REMARC !

- life4land - deathsucker - broken records -

a CHAMPION DJ! STIVs' unique style of amen based ragga jungle and ragga tek has pushed him to the fore-front of the uk/europe rave scene. with more releases coming out every year STIVS shows no sign of slowing down! he's so far, theres no producer that comes close to STIVS technique, looking back tho, you can definatly see the influence REMARC and his friends at Suburban Base and Kemet have had on the early years of STIVS' production,,,WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING THESE TWO SIDE BY SIDE!!

- life4land - mos-hi - kriss -

mixing and mashing-up his own unique blend of jungle, ragga-jungle, and breakcore resulting in something he likes to call Gonzo Junglizm. Combining a full on assault of disturbed breakbeats and subsonic frequency genius with over ten years as a jungle dj, Jahba ensures a live set that will drive the whole crowd mad!

- d.m.t - life4land - sonic discharge -

MATTYKORE is one of those rare heads that you're just as likely to spot in front of the stack as behind the decks!! his hard tek and jungle productions are creating serious waves in the rave scene, he plays a mix of his own productions and some of the biggest tunes around, ussually before they make it to anyone elses record box!

- smb - broken records - uprizing -

DRUM N BASS ROLLERS WOBBLERS ALL THE WAY!!! this guy has been producing for years, steadily developing his style of ingenious DnB and wicked Dubstep. Keep and eye out for his remixes and specials with the SMB hiphop crew, their currently on some mad drive of uk dates and releases!

- amental -

AMENTAL are one of the uk's leading ragga jungle crew's and SAM'S MYTH is one of their best! his JUNGLE productions securing him a place in the higher ranks of the uk's underground.

- life4land - broken records - uprizing -

life4lands best kept secret! he's been there since the start, but so sly! production wise he's mainly worked on collaborations and special tunes. but 2009 has seen SCIONS approach to RAGGA-JUNGLE and JUNGLE develop to a signiture style of classic reggae and ragga influenced dance music. LOOK OUT FOR SCIONS NEWSEST RELEASES ON BROKEN RECORDS COMPILATION THIS WINTER


When Maka T moved up to Norfolk he linked up with a young sound, CULTURE VIBES, who his youngest brother, Militant Youth, had already been moving with...and Rebel Lion was born. Over the last 10 years we have worked hard to help (re)build up a thriving roots community in Norfolk through community events, festivals, radio shows, and regular sessions. During this time we have been fortunate to have worked some of roots musics best singers, bands and sound systems stretching to all parts of the globe - Iration Steppas, Roots Ting (2001 UK Dub Cup Champion), I&I Oneness, Natty Frontline (legendary selector from Sufferah Sound, Sir Coxsone Outernational and Frontline International), Sister Rasheda, Roots Commandments (Germany), Caveman International (Jamaica), King Shiloh (Holland), Earl Sixteen, Sandeeno, Tena Stelin, Horace Andy and Lee “Scratch” Perry to name a few.

BIG TINGS! from your host crew, uprizing selectors have been spreading the good word of DUB2DANCEHALL for years now! expect wicked selections and a positive vibe thru-out!

By the time the new millennium came around it had been clear for a long time that Cambridge had the potential for reggae to become a regular musical fixture. The obstacles to this were also clear lack of suitable available venues and lack of any organised co-ordination. With all this in mind, a group of local reggae enthusiasts were invited to a meeting in August 2000 with the aims of establishing a community based collective organisation which could promote reggae and help people develop skills, and become a significant community and cultural resource.Thus Revelation 2000 was born.

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