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About Kosine

Straight out of brighton , This guy is banging out some serious beats "Flip the script is one of my favs" Kosine Production Name: Kosine Profile: Starting out at the tender age of 10, DJing at house parties,halls,youth clubs and also building up his vinyl collection Mark aka Kosine was one of the youngest DJs in Brighton. The year of 1993 was a very influencial period for the bright eyed youngsta with jungle blowing up from hardcore and many artists beggining to emerge. This led to a genre of music that mark was fascinated by and wanted to know more about. From then on Kosine became a fly on the wall in many of Brightons independent record shops including 'Buzzbase Records' where many sterns residents worked 'HVR records' home to the imfamous Krafty Kuts and the 'godfather' of the south coast....Dj Quantum. Around the time of 96 Kosine was a regular to HVR and soon started to network with promoters,producers and other dj's. His constant spending pattern and infinate knowledge of Jungle made Krafty decide that the best thing was to employ him as a weekend boy. Many things then started to open up for Mark in the coming years including a slot on Dj Quantums 'jungle pressure' show on Juice FM, a residency for RMC, Steppaz Convention (which was Brightons original jungle night), Underfire Records night, Dimensions of sound, Jungle Pressure, Lunarcy & Junglizm, Threshold, Dynamix & Congo Natty Events. Playing out so much naturally moved mark into production work. Kosine has been working & studying music production since 97. Back then using an Atari Running Cubase V.3 alongside a Akai s3000. Mark got deeply involed within music technology and hes skills and knowledge inhanced within 3 years, Moving on to to more advanced analog gear & computer based programs such as logic 7 & 8 in the 2000's Kosine was able to get his production sounding tight & dynamic and ready for the public ear. Production's Gaining respect from many Djs in the D&B/Jungle scene , Including Bailey, Bizzy B, Flight, Rohan (Bassbin), Marc Mac (4 Hero), Insight, Modular, Crissy Criss, Double O to name a few. Gaining radio play on BBC Radio 1Xtra has been a great achievement for Mark as it has gained himself a lot more confidence in getting music heard on a greater scale. A area mark has been greatly successful with was his music technology college course, gaining himself a BAFTA award in 2004 for recognizing talent & outstanding achievement. Moving back to 2009 Kosine has many ventures in place starting his own label "Originate Recordings" featuring artist such as X Nation, Theory, Insight, Voytek, also Classified Material. The label will be pushing digital releases along with Ltd Vinyl pressings of Future Jungle, D&B, J-Tek also Dubstep & Broken Beat genres (Vinyl available from Load Media late 2009). Kosine is a well known face in the Drum and Bass Scene and you can catch him playing many D&B, Jungle & Oldskool events at venues & events such as : Carbon @ The Volks in Brighton, Also many events in the south including Freebass & Zapback @ Concorde II, Also Brightons original jungle event Steppaz Convention running throughout the year among a whole range of events check myspace for details. Buy Music : http://www.junglistdownload.com http://www.junglemp3.co.uk http://www.dto4music.co.uk Dubstep : http://imperativerecordings.digital-tunes.net Info & Contact : kosineuk@gmail.com originaterecordings@gmail.com www.myspace.com/kosinebrighton (((Sending a big shout to all the crew keeping the Jungle scene alive!!))) Kosine Shouts: Quantum, Echo, Dynamix Crew, Pressure Crew, Novation D-Vision, Callous,Jakerra, Carbon, D-Jay, All@RageFM ,Mickey Freeze, All@Infinite Records,Mc Kernel, Rumble Mc, Diverse Concept, Mc ID, Callous, SebDevice,Dom@KA05,Redhot Promotions, Entice, Eight Ball Connection, Lunacy & Junglism Crew, Hasty & Neo @ Darklight, RickyXt, All@Tunnel Vision,Mr Unkutt, Magnetic, Mace, Spectrasoul, Butler & Gremlin, Latorial Drift, Marc Mac & Tony @ Reinforced, Rudey & Dialect, Dj Raw, Dj Outbreak, Trex, Rob Redford, Taylor, Ace, TGK, Bengal, Jamie Digital, Pablo & Digitek,Access Denide Crew, All@Chatterbox, Jaykoe, Rebel Base Mc, Chris Natural, JFB, Robin(chavy gypo), Chris Hive,Latorial Drift, Triple Threat, Drift, Ed Solo, Dj Rocwood, Esher, Blitz, All@Fuze, Studio B, K-G, Tenshun,All@SoS Com, Profound, Wiley, Lucy@Reprise Agency, Strous, Mc Yoda, Bailey, Will @ Zero Culture, Barney Trouble, Dub One & Social Engineer, Sebastian Sweden Tractors, Roo, Gareth & Barry @ Askew, Vill & Lightman, Dj Profile, High Rankin, Mac, Lady Flight, Voytek, Trim, Chang & The Autopsy Crew, Dj Koose, Darrison, Ryan Manic, Dj Kg, Hektic MC, Easy D, Trevelyan, Jacky Murda, Ryhthm Beater, Dabbler, Uno & Melo D, T, Kate Dolli, All@Baselogic Promotions, Miss C Mc & Joe, Riff Raff Mc, D-Vision & X Nation, Friction, Bringa, Noetic, Joel Deadman, Trist & Jim @ PAS, Rocks, Toni @ The Volks, Ziggi & Helen, Charlie G, Dj Sketchy, Liquid Edge, Jo Jo & Lefty, Scetch One & The Phazed Crew, Bizzy B & All The Brain Records Crew, Kion & Unlikely, Bailey, Flight, Modular & All the J-Tek Crew, Oli @ Global Plan Records, Imperative Recordings Crew, Antidote, My Sexy Lady Suzie, Crissy Criss. All The South Coast & Brighton Soldiers, Kosine

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