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EXCEED ( 320 remastered )

EXCEED ( 320 remastered )


genre: Drum and Bass

streams: 418

audio file: mp3, 12.7MB, 00:05:32

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About TDK

TDK ( Aka The Dreas, The Urban Dread ) Has been in the scene since 1991 and has been involved in many brain releases, Fist 2 Fist, Drum and bass records, Ruff N Tuff Records  to date. Releases:

The Urban Dread - Top Priority This Song Is 4 You / Lovin (12", W/Lbl, Promo) Not On Label Brainwave E.P. (12", EP) Brain Records, Brain Records 1992 Brainwave EP (12", W/Lbl, Promo, EP) Brain Records 1992 Mothership EP (12", EP) Kemet 1993 Untitled (12") TDK (2) 1993 Vibe From Heaven (12", W/Lbl, TP) Bullit Proof Vinyl, Bullit Proof Vinyl 1993 Vibe From Heaven / Ooh Sex (12") Bullit Proof Vinyl, Bullit Proof Vinyl 1993 Untitled (12") TDK (2) 1994 Warp Factor One (12") Brain Records 1994 Warp Factor One (10", S/Sided, TP, W/Lbl) Brain Records 1994 Come On People / Wicked Man (12") Brain Records 1995 Come On People / Wicked Man (12", W/Lbl, Promo) Brain Records 1995 Hype Time (12", S/Sided) Brain Progression 1995 Madbones Volume 6 (12") Quayside Records 1996 Rythm & Rymes / Hype Time (12") Brain Progression 1996 Mechanism / Trauma (12") Hardleaders 1997 Step Off / Sweeper (12") Mission Records (UK) 1997 Remixes: Deadly Beats (CD, Mixed, Comp) Eternity (Mad Bones & ... Rumour Records 1995 Deadly Beats (2xLP) Eternity Rumour Records 1995 Electronica - U.K. Drum n' Bass Collective (CD) Eternity (Mad Bones & ... Neurodisc Records 1997 Production: 1991 (12", S/Sided, Ltd) Brain Records In Collection 1991 Bad Man / Sensi Tip (12", Promo) Big City Records (3) 1992 Deadly Beats (CD, Mixed, Comp) Wicked Man Rumour Records 1995 Drum & Bass Selection 4 (Reload - Part 4 - Running It Red) (2xLP) Wicked Man Breakdown Records 1995 Co-production: Crowd Says Rewind (Remixes) (12") Big City Records (3) 1993 Appears On: It's Not Just Ragga (Remix) / Night Life (12") Quayside Records 1992 Mad Bones E.P. (12", EP) Quayside Records 1993 Volume 1 (12") Brain Progression 1993 Better Days E.P. (12", EP) Quayside Records 1994 Mad Bones Vol.3 (12") Quayside Records 1994 Madbones Volume 5 (12") Quayside Records 1995 Hoods From The City (2xCD) Hoods From The City, T... Brain Records 1997 Expressions (4x12", Album) Serious, Force, Essence Hardleaders 1998 Science EP - Volume VI (2x10") Bless This Sound Planet Mu 2006 Tracks Appear On: DJ Box Vol 1 (3xCD) Friday Breakdown Records 1994 Studio Mixed (Cass, Mixed, Comp) Ooh Sex (What’s That... Yaman 1994 Deadly Beats (2xLP) Wicked Man Rumour Records 1995 Drum & Bass Selection 4 (Mixed Edition) (CD) Wicked Man Sub Base Records USA 1995 Drum & Bass Selection 4 (Reload - Part 4 - Running It Red) (2xLP) Wicked Man Breakdown Records 1995 Drum & Bass Selection 4 (Reload - Part 4 - Running It Red) (Cass) Wicked Man Breakdown Records 1995 Drum & Bass Selection 4 (Reload - Running It Red) (2xCD) Wicked Man Breakdown Records 1995 Hoods From The City (3xLP) Hoods From The City, T... Brain Records 1997 Hoods From The City (2xCD) Hoods From The City, T... Brain Records 1997 Hoods From The City LP Sampler (12") This Flow (TDK VIP Mix... Brain Records 1997 Inside Out (CD) Step Hardleaders 1997 Inside Out LP (4xLP) Step Hardleaders 1997 The Way Out Chapter (CD, Comp) Mechanism Hardleaders 1997 The Way Out Chapter (3xLP) Mechanism Hardleaders 1997 Jagoff Uprising: A Rhinoplex.org Compilation (Box + 2x12" + 2xCDr) Hold Me Tight Thac0 Records 2005 Unofficial Releases: In My Live (12", W/Lbl) TDK (2) Hardcore Volume 3 (Cass, Mixed, Comp) The German Project Yaman 1992 Hardcore Volume 1 (Cass, Mixed, Comp) Brainwave Yaman 1993 Hardcore Volume 10 (Cass, Mixed, Comp) Crowd Says Rewind (Scu... Yaman 1993 Summertime (Remix) / Southern California (Remix) (12", W/Lbl) TDK (2) 1994

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